The Truth About Fitness Equipment

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Everywhere we are bombarded day by day with commercials promoting various fitness equipment. All of them say we will be able to build a perfect body with working out three times a week for 10 minutes because of the revolutionary technology the machine comes with.

I especially like the abdominal trainer commercials that say “You can have six pack abs in no time, no matter how your body looks like now!”
Everybody, who has some fitness behind, knows that getting rid of belly fat and building six pack is the hardest task.

We do not have to be experts that most of these over-hyped equipment are just waste of time and money.

We want to look great, and that is what the manufacturers of these fad products turn against us for having huge profit in a short time.

If you want to lose weight, shape your body and build muscles you need to follow a complex workout routine that is specialized for you combined with a healthy, balanced diet.

There are tons of products out there which suggest you just the opposite. “You do not have to be on a diet and work hard to achieve a perfect body, just buy our magic system.”

You see the commercials of these fitness products for some months then they disappear as if they have never been as soon as the tons of negative reviews come up. However, they made an enormous profit.

A good example is Ab Rocket and similar products. Thousands of sales have been made, but it is hard to find a positive review on Amazon.

Here is the commercial which is a good example for marketing.


These are just gadgets boosted by smart marketing.

But people still buy them!


Those who think that there are shortcuts to lose weight and get in shape. Do not be one among them! Reaching your goals need dedication, continuous work and it does not happen over the night.

If it were so easy, only perfect looking people would walk in the streets.

However, there are fitness equipment and machines that can help you lot even if they are not promoted all day long or not at all. Just think about treadmills, rowing machines, stair climbers, etc. or simple tools like barbells, weights, kettlebells, dumbbells, etc. or even fitness balls, jump ropes and so on. I can make a huge list of things that work.

These are the tools you can find at a gym recommended by fitness experts who have proved their knowledge. These are the tools used by those great looking guys and women.

Have you ever seen a bodybuilder at a gym using “magical thing” to build six pack or big arms? I have never merely because they know these things do not work at all.

Getting fit body is the result of two factors. How much effort and time you put into. Although, well-chosen equipment can help a lot.

In our review section, we only share information about those machines and equipment that are worth to buy and use.

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