The Truth About Diets – The Disease of Our Generation

Firstly I would like thank Ben Coomber for this fantastic video.

In these four minutes, he puts together all the main reasons why so many unhealthy and unhappy people in the modern countries. And how the diet industry tries to manipulate us to buy their products that may bring results but in an unnatural way.


I would like to focus on some of his best sentences here.

[easy-tweet tweet=”People want foods that make them for 5 minutes happy and hours sad. They are looking for comfort in sugar and fat.” via=”no” usehashtags=”no”]

I used to suffer from this. Whenever I felt myself sad, depressed and stressed I stuffed my mouth with some sweet things and gulp down a coke or beer. It was a sort of compensation for my pain. And yes, it was good for a quarter of an hour but then those bad feelings came back stronger than before.

Food is not a remedy for your bad mood. It just makes the things worse! What has helped me? Regular working out, setting up goals and changing the way I think. I focus more on the things that are important in life such as my family, friends, health and enjoying my existence in this world.

Learn how sugar effects your body


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Everywhere we are bombarded with commercials to eat this and that. The sad thing is that they are allowed to promote their harmful products as healthy ones. If food is processed, you must be sure that it has low nutritional value, and it is full of unnatural ingredients.

You may say “Yes, but I have no time to cook or I can’t”. That is what I always said. But it was not true at all! Me and my wife spent at least 2 hours a day with watching stupid programs in TV.

These days we cook almost every day using the nutritious ingredients. We usually do it together, and it does good for our relationship as well.

You can learn cooking, and you have time for it. Just get rid of a few of your useless habits.


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Fitness, health and weight loss market is undoubtedly the most profitable business. How else does not like to be fit and healthy?

The problem is that people are always looking for shortcuts. They do not want to change their lifestyle just want to reach their goals without fighting for it.

And that is what the manufacturers know better than the people themselves. They use the weakness of the people and sell their rubbish products. And we buy them thinking that we now live a wholesome life.

If you think that by consuming “magic” foods and drinks you are going to be healthy, you just lie yourself. You are going to pay the price by suffering from other diseases that are caused by these “healthy products”.

A good example is the “Cookie Diet”


[easy-tweet tweet=”If you want to change, just do the action!” via=”no” usehashtags=”no”]

Set up your goals, step out from your comfort zone and change your life! The results do not come over a night but with each day you are going to be closer to it.


This is the rule that I follow these days! And it works!

In my latest 20s, I was in my worst condition in my life. I was overweighted, weak and did not care about what I ate at all. I usually suffered from various illnesses, and I was depressed and stressed all the time. I was in my comfort zone thinking that it was okay to have these conditions in those years when a man want to build his career and existence.

Then, when I was 30 my son was born, the truth dawned on me that if I continue my life like that he will not see his father for so long. Plus, what kind of role model am I going to be for him?

That was the trigger when I decided to change my life entirely. I started to work out, eat healthily and got rid many of my unhealthy habits.

Am I good role model now? I believe yes! My son does not want to drink soda, chips and others when somebody from the family recommends them. He usually comes into my home gym and tries to follow me when I do my workouts.

In addition, many others around me have changed their lifestyle seeing my results. I’m proud of myself because of this.

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