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Why TRX Suspension Trainer Is So Powerful? | Honest Review


    Review of:TRX Suspension Trainer

    Use: Strength Training At Home




    It can be used for strength training and for cardio as well.




    Bodyweight training develops strength and endurance.


    Easy of use


    Yes. Suitable even for beginners.




    Cheaper than other home gyms.

    We like

    • Full body workout
    • Portable
    • Suitable for any fitness level.
    • Very versatile

    We don’t like

    • Well, nothing. 🙂


    TRX is a good solution for anyone who want to develop strength, muscle mass, endurance and even need an equipment for cardio workouts. It allows to do a lot of exercises and does not need much space to use.

    Detailed Review

    TRX is fitness equipment which has used in the main sports of North America by a majority of athletes. It is likewise tested out for various fitness trainers and also by CEO of TRX. The ‘Randy Hetrick’ chief executive officer of this fitness company is a former Navy SEAL found out all of the details of this exercise equipment.

    In case you are seeking for an efficient strength training equipment for home but finding it difficult to purchase a home gym, then buying it is going to be an excellent idea.

    So in my TRX review, I have added its features, FAQs, and advantages and disadvantages. Do take a look.


    • It comes with a door anchor, which is a full block. It can be joined to a looped strap.
    • It has a suspension anchor, which allows you to hang you poles, hooks, and straps off bars or anything that can bear your body mass.
    • ​The TRX package comes up with an active content application, which includes information associated to the home gym. It has a library of various exercises and six modular workouts that can help you in achieving any of the training goals.
    • ​Another thing that comes with it is the Mesh Carry Bag, which assists you in taking your suspension trainer with you anywhere you want. You can workout even outdoor with it.
    • ​Getting Started Guide is attached with the TRX system, which is filled with vital information and instruction of the way you get started with your workout.
    • Very easy to set up, you will not need anything special.

    TRX Suspension Trainer Review Video

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    How challenging is it?

    The TRX reviews say, for those who had not done great in their core workout are going to find it quite difficult. The reason behind it is if you are using multiple muscles in a simple exercise, you just needed to do the pushups with your hands, but with it, you are anchored, and only your side will be grounded.

    Taking another case, this time, assume you chose to keep your feet grounded and hand anchored, then the challenge will be to keep your hand stable in the air with suspended TRX.

    A sample TRX routine for strength



    • It permits you to do the pulling action in most of the ways and different planes of movement.
    • ​Helps you to build of body evenly from all the areas in including the lower body. It is very comfortable to do the lower body exercises
    • ​With the help of it, you can burn fat and build lean muscle mass.
    • ​Also, it develops your endurance, flexibility, and stability.


    • Stability demands decrease the force production capability. In this way, it is going to difficult to train a pure strength with it.
    • Although lower body exercise done with it are comfortable, but the usage of the same is quite minimal. Such as jumping, and single leg exercises.

    Various Products You Can Choose From

    TRX Training - Basic Kit + Door Anchor, Complete Full Body Workouts Kit for Home and on the Road
    996 Reviews
    TRX Training - Basic Kit + Door Anchor, Complete Full Body Workouts Kit for Home and on the Road
    Includes: The original TRX Suspension Training Strap, Door Anchor, 65-minute training DVD

    No products found.

    TRX Training RIP Trainer Basic Kit, Core Strength-Training Equipment
    53 Reviews
    TRX Training RIP Trainer Basic Kit, Core Strength-Training Equipment
    Includes TRX Rip Trainer, medium resistance cord, carrying bag, safety strap, Rip basic training workout guide, TRX Lacrosse Workout

    What is Rip Training?

    The rip training was genuinely originated for the requirement of combat sport for physical therapists and athletes. It is a multi-faceted way to cardiovascular and strength conditioning, which you need to do in the different form of planes.

    What is Suspension Training?

    The exercise of suspension training bodyweight is born to develop the balance, strength, core stability and flexibility simultaneously. It needs to use the TRX trainer, which is highly flexible to accomplish the same.

    Final Verdict

    So in the end TRX review says, there are so many trainers, who are searching for the best equipment to train their athletes and trainees. Equipment, which can improve fitness safely and quickly in the venues of sport, with no much of doing the traveling. Well then the wait is over, and you can try TRX Suspension Trainer.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.

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    James Wright

    James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.

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    1. Thanks for the review. Could you tell me which is the best kit to buy? To tell the truth I find TRX rather expensive. I’m a beginner. Thanks.

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