5 Unique Chest Exercises That You Should Do

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unique chest exercises

Plan your new chest workout with these special practices

When you think about a chest workout routine, I’m sure that barbell bench press or maybe push ups that come into your mind. What else? These are the best for getting big and strong pecs, aren’t they?

Yes, it is true, but adding some variety to your chest training is always good. You won’t get bored, and you can work out all parts of the pectoralis more efficiently to it more defined. Or, maybe, you can improve an area that is underdeveloped.

You might increase the reps and the sets. And, of course, you might add more types practices such as decline, incline presses, or moves with the cable machine. There are many out there.

But, there are creative guys out there, in this case, Buff Dudes, who do absolutely unique exercises for their chest. Just watch the video below.


Let’s Recap the Unique Exercises for Chest

  1. Kneeling Landmine Upper Chest Press: Excellent to train the upper part of your chest, plus the front delts.
  2. Floor press: Actually, this is the only move I have done in my life from this list. It is an excellent technique to increase your flat bench press. Or, it can be done if you do not have a spotter and your want to lift heavy weights. Although, the range of motion is shorter.
  3. Wide to Close Dumbbell Press: I love working out with dumbbells since they require more strength to keep the correct form and the stability. And, since this one is a more compound move, it requires even more muscle strength and coordination. Also, it works your triceps. A good alternative to dumbbell flyes and dumbbell bench press.
  4. Reverse Press: I knew this unique exercise, but I have hardly seen anyone doing it. (So, like a sheep I followed the flock. I have never done it.). However, this reverse grip version is great to strengthen the upper part of the pecs. Do not confuse with the traditional press with barbell. It is harder to perform, so do not use too heavy weights.
  5. Buff Bar Press 🙂 : I think this one is certainly unique. But, I tried it and, well, it was not bad. Because of the kettlebells moving it is pretty hard to keep the right motion, so the stabilizer muscle groups are activated seriously. Hence, you can get better bar control that might be useful to boost your bench press.

That is all. What about you? Do you do a chest exercise that is unique or not so well-known for muscle building? Share with us below in the comment section and tell us why it works for you.

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