9 Unusual Ways to Stay Healthy and Happy

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Health is the most precious things a person can have. If you are not healthy, money, fame, and wealth do not count, because you won’t be able to enjoy them. It is said that money cannot buy happiness and something it cannot buy health as well.

So the best way to make sure that you will have a long and happy life is to stay healthy. Don’t worry, because it is not expensive or complicated to do so. Some tricks to have a good health may even surprise you, but in a good way. The point is that they are all very achievable, and shouldn’t be disregarded if you plan on staying health as much as possible, or even for your entire life.

1. Have Sex


Believe it or not, enjoying regular sex, once or twice a week, will keep you healthier. This activity is more than just being enjoyable, as it helps us relax, keep a strong connection with our partner and it can keep us safe from cold and flu. Yes, sweating under the sheets in the cold season will protect you from the seasonal illnesses, by stimulating your body to produce Immunoglobulin, exactly what you need not to catch a cold.

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2. Floss Every Day


Also, do remember to floss, as it contributes a lot in removing bacteria that can be harmful. A proper oral hygiene will keep you safe from any infections and illnesses, caused by the entrance of these bacteria in your blood stream.

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3. Listen to Music


Activities that are enjoyable and put you in a good mood are also health enhancers. Thus, do not miss the chance to listen to your favorite music. Doing so will help you relax, which will lower your blood pressure, it relieves your organism from stress and even chase away the pain.

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4. Drink Coffee


Begin your morning with a cup of coffee, if you enjoy its taste. Coffee is a great stimulator, but will also keep you safe from diabetes, cancer, stroke and many other illnesses.


5. Drink Wine


If you like red wine, you can enjoy one glass after dinner. Grapes contain a high quantity of antioxidants, and wine will contribute as well to having a healthy and stroke-free heart. The rule can be applied in the case of dark grape juice as well.

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6. Sing


If you enjoy music, you probably like singing as well. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have a native talent at it, as long as you do it because your health will benefit from it. Singing helps your circulation and lymphatic system and keep your mind fit.

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7. Stay Moist


Also, be careful at the humidity levels in your home. The reason people catch the flu in the cold season is because the air is rather dry than moist. So do have this under control, have a humidifier.

8. Laugh


Still, there isn’t a better medicine than a good laugh. So don’t miss any occasion to have some fun, including some great comedies. Laughing will keep stress levels down, strengthen the immune system, and promote a healthy heart.

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9. Be Social


And, you should be social as well, by making many friends. We love social activities and being surrounded by people, anyone who does that will enjoy a longer and fulfilling life.

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