How to Use Household Items to Exercise

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Let’s keep it real, most of us haven’t got a large amount of money to take out a membership at a gym. You can still have an appealing body as there are many exercises to do at your home with simple household items.

Do you want a cool way to exercise while staying at home? You’ve come to the right place.

Don’t be lazy. I know you’ve got most of the household items that can be utilized for your daily work out. You will be happy to learn about the best and easy exercises that are discussed below.

Use a Director’s Chair to exercise your arms

Believe it or not. This exercise provides you full body work out.

  • Use a director’s chair.
  • Put it about 8 inches from a bed level.
  • Now take off the back of the chair.
  • Now lean your back down against the bed.
  • Grip the “handles” on the back of the chair firmly and lift it up and let them down, again and again, just slight move in this easy workout, is good for you.

Bottles of water

It works perfectly as a small hand weight instead of dumbbells. Use it during cardiovascular workouts like shadow boxing. It will boost your power and speed in your punches – challenging your shoulder muscles.


Stairs a perfect workout place in your home. For most of us weighing 140 pounds or more, 30 minutes round of walking up and down to the stairs, helps you to burn 175 calories. So, what are you waiting for! Lose your extra fats with this one.

Old tire

You got a car in your garage! Problem solved. Use a car tire as an obstacle to jump in and out for three to five minutes. Take a break. Repeat the same routine for two to three times.

Stair step or picnic bench

It is a good source for working your lower body out. Even if you got only one step or a bench seat, it’s easy to do box jumps or multiple step ups on one leg at a time to boost your legs.

A pillow, basketball, or even a pumpkin

Yes, you’re right. In summer camp, we actually have used pumpkins. We can play with our kids at home for exercise like a ball pass or take it or leave it. It’s fun.

Laundry detergent bottles

Laundry detergent bottles are the best alternate of dumbbells. A 72-ounce bottle weight is equivalent to 5 pounds.

  • Pick up the items from the floor or tables by squatting.
  • Keep your back straight and relaxed, squat deeply on your knees by bending. Hold it for 15 seconds before rising again.
  • Repeat it with each item of clothing or other items. In the start, hold it for 5 seconds and increase as your hamstrings and quadriceps grow larger.

Squeeze your stomach and oblique muscles as you sweep

Keep your back straight, bring the broom bristles as far away as possible and pull to it. Do it for 5 minutes in every room up to 3 times per day. This will figure your home cleaning and abs as well.



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