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Top Vertical Knee Raise Machine Reviews

    If you want to build strong and shaped abs, the vertical knee raise machine is the most beneficial home workout equipment you can have. Compared to ab exercises on the floor, we have a longer range of motion, which leads to much better abdominal muscle engagement. Plus, knee raises don’t put such stress on the spine and back. Finally, knee lifts work the entire core.

    Do you want to get one at home?

    In this guide, I’m going to tell you all the information you need for your purchase.

    You’ll learn about:

    Is the knee lift machine the right choice for you?

    comparison power tower VKR

    If you want to do vertical leg lifts at home, there are two types of exercise equipment for home use: the vertical knee raise equipment and the power tower.

    Knee raise machines are suitable for only ab workouts. Also, they equipped with dip bars. It’s single station equipment. They are designed to provide the most comfortable environment while we train abs, and no other sometimes disturbing workout stations are available. They don’t require much space. We can place it in the corner of a room.

    Power towers or pull up dip stations are multifunctional machines that provide more options to exercise. Towers feature a pull-up bar, dip handles, vertical knee raise station (VKR), and push up bars. Therefore, we can do all the most beneficial bodyweight exercises at home. But, they are tall and have a larger footprint.

    Which one to get?

    If you want to do bodyweight training at home and have no equipment such as pull up bar, dip stand, etc., I say it’s more valuable to purchase a power tower. We will get a machine that serves all our workout needs. We save money and space since we don’t need to buy all the pieces one by one for pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, push-ups, VKR.

    Check out: Best power towers with pull up and dip station.

    If you already have the mentioned exercise equipment, the vertical knee raise machine is a good option since it provides a great workout experience.

    Here we focus on only VKRs.


    1. Xmark XM-4437.2 Vertical Knee raise and Dip Station – The best buy

    XMark XM-4437.2
    42 Reviews
    XMark XM-4437.2
    • Define your abs, develop your chest muscles, and increase the strength of your arms and back with one multi-functional workout station! The XMark XM-4437.2 Vertical Knee Raise with Dip Station and Push Up Station perfectly complements any home gym
    • The vertical knee raise station targets your core and abs while the push-up station focuses on your chest. Ergonomically-spaced twin dip handles maximize comfort for a great dip workout that will strengthen your arms, shoulders, and chest

    Xmark XM-4437.2 is a commercial-grade product, which means it’s made of the highest quality and durable materials and provides maximum comfort for the user.

    The frame is 14-gauge steel construction with a powder coat finish to avoid scratches. The maximum user capacity is 300 lb.

    The VKR has extended 49″ long base with thick rubber endcaps. The distance between the bottom bars is 25″. Such an extended basement provides excellent stability for the item. No wobbling or tilting is experienced, which is essential.

    For convenient training, the arm pad and backrest are thickly padded with tear-resistant Duraguard vinyl cushions. Also, the pads are wide to fit all users.

    The height is 69″ inches, so when we mount, we have plenty of room at the bottom. This beneficial for tall men when doing vertical knee raises. Although, shorter people should step on the lower supports to get into the VKR section.

    The dip station handles are 21″ from each other, which is a standard distance. Hence, it’s suitable for most of us. Push up bars are also available at the bottom.


    • Very stable and durable construction.
    • Ergonomic design and thick padding for comfort.
    • Plenty of room inside.
    • Dip and push up handles.


    • Large footprint (but that’s why it doesn’t wobble.)

    To conclude, the Xmark VKR machine is a top-quality item that gives a perfect user experience for everyone. It’s the best unit on the list.

    2. Body-Solid GVKR60

    Body-Solid GVKR60

    The Body-Solid GVKR60 is another commercial VKR with excellent features. The difference between the previous one is only the dimensions and lifetime warranty for the frame and welding.

    The arm supports, and the back pad is covered with thick DuraFirm that holds the body conveniently during the workout. No discomfort is experienced; we can focus on moves.

    The footprint is more compact than Xmark has. The length of the base is 37,” and the distance between the bars is 27″. But, large supports are attached to the bottom, so there isn’t shacking.

    The height of the product is 60″, so it’s tall enough to for vertical leg raise, although guys taller than 7 feet may need to bend the knees slightly. The top of the support bars is covered with rubber, which is useful for shorter people to position inside.

    The distance between the dip handles is 20.5″ so shorter users can use it comfortably.


    • Stable and reliable construction.
    • Convenient cushioning.
    • Compact footprint.
    • Easy mounting.
    • Lifetime warranty.


    • The manual isn’t detailed.
    • Expensive.
    • No bars for push-ups

    To sum up, the Body-Solid GVKR60 is a well-built and robust ab machine, which is an excellent choice for every fitness enthusiast to have an effective ab workout routine at home.

    3. RDX X1 Wall Mounted VKR & Dip Bars – Cheap and adjustable

    knee lift exercise equipment

    Don’t you have space at home? Are you on a budget? Then, this wall-mounted workout station is the best choice for you.

    Another reason why RDX X1 is such a good choice is that you can customize it to your height since two individual bars should be fixed to the wall. This way, you can set the optimal distance between the dip bars and put them as high as it fits you.

    The bars are made of heavy-duty steel, and after installation, they are 66″ inches from the wall. So, we have plenty of room inside. The arm supports are on the top of the bars with leather cushioning and thick padding. The vertical handles are 6.6″ long, giving convenient grips.

    The downside is that this item requires careful installation, and there is no backrest (but we can fix a thin foam to the wall.)


    • It requires minimal space.
    • Adjustable width and height.
    • Comfortable padding.
    • Affordable.


    • Careful installation is required
    • No backrest.

    Verdict: RDX X1 is a simple yet perfect solution for vertical knee raises and dips. Compact and adjustable perfect for a home gym.

    Tip: You can check out more wall mounted dip stations.

    Buying guide

    Here are the things to check out before buying a machine for leg raises.

    • The height of the VKR. The arm supports should be at least 50 inches from the floor to have enough space below for leg raises.
    • The basement. Typically, the broader and longer the base is, the more stable the machine is. Rubber caps at the end of the posts also helps stability and avoid moving. Supporters are also essential to enhance the balance of the uprights.
    • Frame construction. The mainframe should be made of durable steel.
    • Arm and back support. The cushioning of the pads should be dense and thick to hold the body comfortably. Thin padding hurts the skin.
    • Size. Will you have enough space to use it comfortably? Calculate a few feet around as well.


    knee raises muscles worked
    Muscles worked | Credit:

    Vertical knee and leg raise exercises are among the most beneficial exercises to develop core strength. These movements strengthen every part of the core, such as the rectus abdominis (six-pack), obliques, hip flexors, lower back. Plus, since we have to hold our body weight, other upper body muscles are engaged as well.

    Lifting the lower body instead of upper makes the ab exercises harder since the length of the motion is much longer. That stimulates the muscles better, which leads to improved strength and size. Moreover, it puts less load on the lower back.

    The dip bars are useful for developing the triceps, shoulders, and chest muscles.

    Exercises you can do:

    • Knee raises.
    • Leg raises.
    • L-sit
    • Windshield wiper.
    • Oblique twists.
    • Dips for chest and shoulders.

    To conclude

    I hope you find the best vertical knee raise machine for you. If not, feel free to ask below. The VKR is among the best ab machines for home that is suitable for even the most professional workout fanatics.

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