5 Best Wall Mounted Dip Station & Bars Reviews

If you have only a little space in your room or garage, but still do not want to neglect one of the best bodyweight exercises, a wall-mounted dip station is a solution for you. They have a space-saving design, quite easy to install and affordable.

Here I’m going to show you the best 5 stations and bars for dips, and vertical knee raises that you can fix on the wall.

Recommended Equipment

  • 1. Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Dip Station with Vertical Knee Raise – The Most Versatile

man doing dip exercise on wall mounted station


This is a wall-mounted Captains chair for those who besides doing dips want to strengthen their abs. Leg and knee raises are proven to be among the most beneficial abs exercises. This wall mount ab station has been designed in such a way that it provides a convenient way to exercise. It has thickly padded back, and armrests that are angled so that the user can hold and control the movement more effectively.

The bars stick out from the wall by 26.5 inches (67 cm), so we have enough room for dips. The distance between the dip handles is 22 inches suitable for most of the people. Although shorter individuals may find it a bit wide.

The max weight limit is 350 lb thanks to the heavy-duty steel construction. Some customers even use it for weighted dips with over 70 lb.

It comes with all the mounting hardware and with easy to follow instructions.

  • 2. Valor Fitness DP-2 Wall Mount Dip Station – The most compact

Valor Fitness DP-2


This is a heavy-duty foldable wall-mount dip bar that can handle up to 400 pounds. It is designed in such a way that it provides various grip positions. This tapered design widens from 17″ to 25″. This is useful since everyone can find the optimal grip for his height. Or, by changing the grip distance, you can target particular muscle groups, for example, you can focus on your chest or triceps.

The dip bars stick out from the wall by 25″. Bigger guys may need more place but a thicker wood backing, which also makes installation simpler, will solve the problem.

Garage gym owners will find it useful that it can be folded against the wall, so it does not disturb.

Valor Fitness gives all the hardware with the equipment, but they are not for wood fixing. So, if you want to install it on a beam, for example, you need need to buy the necessary things.

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  • 3. RDX X1 Wall Mounted Adjustable Dip Bars



RDX X1 is the best choice for those who prefer two individual bars so that they can tweak the distance between them for their needs. This item is particularly recommended for people shorter or taller than average.

It is made from high-grade steel for durability and high capacity. The armrests for vertical knee raise are thick and covered with durable leather. The bars are 26 inches (66 cm) far from the wall, and dip handles are 6.3 inches long (16 cm).

It comes with all necessary wall fixings and with clear instructions.

  • 4. OneTwoFit Multifunctional Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar and Dip Stand

Multifunctional Wall Mounted gym


This set, beside the dip and vertical knee raise station, comes with a multi-grip pull-up bar. So, you can do all the best bodyweight exercises for the upper body.

The pull-up bar is 38 inches long (96 cm), and it is 24 inches (60 cm) from the wall. Even a hanger is found on the bar to hang a heavy bag on it. Punching bag training is excellent for cardio and endurance development.

The dip bars are 24 inches (59 cm) from the wall, and the distance between them is 23 inches (57 cm). That is a bit wider than usual, so shorter users may find it inconvenient.

The idea and the price is not bad for such a multi wall mounted dip station and pull up bar, but if you check out the customer reviews, you will see some problems with the product. For example, it can only be installed on a concrete or brick wall. And, there are issues with shipping and parts.

  • 5. Portable Dip & Pull Up Bar for Indoor & Indoor Use

portable bodyweight equipment

This item is my favorite on the list since you can use it almost anywhere, made of premium materials, and gives an excellent workout experience. It was designed by people doing calisthenics. However, it is pricey but manufactured in Germany.

The system can be attached to anything even to a tree trunk, but also has a wall-mounted console. You can work out indoor and outdoor whenever you want.

The training experience is perfect, as well. No wobbling, easy installation, durable but lightweight materials, multi-grip bar, plenty of room to exercise – just to mention a few of the goodies of this portable equipment.

If you are interested in, you can check out our detailed review on this portable pull up and dip station.

Buying Guide

If you have not bought similar equipment before, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are the most important ones to consider.


The installation itself is not a tough task. You should drill the holes carefully so that the bars are at the same level (horizontal) and the height is enough for you. Then, place the wall plugs, put the screws in, and tighten them. Here is a tutorial.

However, the material of the wall is critical. The best is if you place it on concrete, brick, or thick wood wall since the wall plugs will not come out. Soft and thin walls are useless since they will not stand your bodyweight.

Typically, you get all the screws, plugs and other required stuff for fixing by the manufacturer. But, depending on your wall, you may have to buy a few things.

What to look for when buying wall mounted dip bar?

  • The weight capacity is an essential factor to check. Usually, the max limit is about 300 lb, which is enough for most of us.
  • How far are the ends of the bars from the wall to know if you have enough room to move? The length of the bars is about 23-28 inches (60-70 cm). If you are taller than average, get a dip stand with longer bars.
  • The other important feature to check, if the wall-mounted dip station comes with fixed-width bars, to know the distance between the bars. That length is typically 20-22 inches (50-56 cm) which is suitable for most of us for sufficient dip bar exercises. If you are shorter than ordinary, you may look for a narrower model.
  • Get a multifunctional station or not? Well, that depends on your needs. If you need equipment just for dips, simple bars will do. If you also want to do vertical knee raise or pull-ups and have no gear for that, you’d better get a multi home workout equipment. Hence, you can have more versatile and targeted strength training. Such an item is also useful if for some reasons you cannot have a freestanding pull-up dip station at home.

If you did not like the mentioned products above, you could check out the best dip station for home gym reviews here.


As you see, I tried to list various types of wall-mounted dip stations and bars here to help you find the most suitable for you. No matter which you choose, you will get strength training equipment that benefits you to get a well-built upper body. If you still have questions, feel free to ask below.

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