The First Warning Signs of Depression

signs-of-depressionDid you know that just in the USA about 15 million people, about 7 % of the population, suffer from depression? And that depression can develop at any age but mainly around at the age of 32? And I do not tell you a secret if I tell you that depression is responsible for serious diseases such cancer, heart attack, eating disorders, diabetes and stroke.

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Depression is a cruel disease that can affect anyone It is very easy, once the symptoms begin, for a person to slide down the black hole of depression where the symptoms spiral and feed off of each other, increasing in severity. ~ Neuropsychologist Michelle London, Psy.D.

I know so many people around me who suffer from depression. A sad example is one of my friends, who used to be the funniest and most energetic guy in the world, but now, at the age of 31 he is in such a bad condition that he lost his job, family and he lives each of his days if there was not tomorrow. He has totally collapsed.

I saw the first signs of depression on him about, 3-4 years ago. I tried everything to prove him that his on a bad way. I do not know how many times I sat down with him to talk about his problems, but his answer always was “Everything is Ok with me. Leave me alone!” And since I was rejected so many times, I gave it up. You know, I’m a father and husband, and I felt that his condition has harmful effects on my mental health as well. Fortunately, he has just turned to a psychiatrist. I hope everything is going to be OK with him.

I’m sure, if he had paid more attention to those first warning signs, he would not have sunk so deep into the depression he is in now.

What are the signs of depression? Well, there are many and unfortunately, some of them are hidden, ones you would not think they are.

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What are typical symptoms of depression?

According to National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), these are the usual signs.

  • Sleeping problems. Some people suffer from insomnia while others sleep too much.
  • Eating problems. Some people lose their appetite while others overeat.
  • Almost every day they have empty feelings and sad, anxious thoughts.
  • They feel themselves worthless, guilty and helpless.
  • Decreased energy and tiredness.
  • Bad memory.
  • Concentration problems.
  • It is hard for them to decide.
  • Pessimism and hopelessness.
  • Lack of interest in activities that they used to love doing.
  • Emotionally they are unstable. They cannot control their feelings.
  • Pains such as cramps and headache.
  • Thoughts of suicide.



Turning back to the case of my friend, he has all these symptoms now! A few years ago he had just a few of these signs like tiredness, insomnia and concentration problems, but as the time went more and more problems appeared.

Do you have one or more of these symptoms? There are numerous ways you can get treatment and to prevent yourself from severe depression. Just check out the following links.

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