7 Ways to Shape the Body of Your Dreams With This Yoga Flow

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In last few years, a lot of people throughout the world started to think about their health and to incorporate exercise into their daily routine. Well, we all know that there are tons of workout programs and ideas that come and go, with some being more successful and some less, but one that has been there for who knows how long is yoga.

To be more concrete it has been there for more than five thousand years, being invented in far east countries. It is fantastic how this Eastern practice has affected West as more than 20 million Americans include yoga in their routine and it is similar if we look at Europe as well.

Some might be asking, how is that a simple exercise routine such as yoga has such a great impact on people’s lives? The answer is that it not only benefits people on physical health, but on mental one as well, and we know how much that is important.

Now, yoga does have many benefits, but can it be used as a workout to achieve the body you always desired?

What are the benefits of practicing yoga?


First, it is important to note that not all types of yoga give the same results, and there are few of those:

  • Hatha is the most common form of yoga, and it combines basic movements along with deep breathing.
  • Vinyasa is the other type that is commonly practiced, and it manifested through smooth changes of various poses.
  • Now the Power type of yoga is mostly practiced by those looking to build muscle, and it is representing a higher intensity workout.
  • There is also Ashtanga and it is a combination of first two, consisting of various poses that smoothly change and the special technique of breathing.
  • Bikram is the type of yoga that is mostly practiced by those wanting to lose weight as it is representing a workout consisting of 26 different poses that are constantly being changed while you are in a high-temperature room.
  • And if you practice Iyengar you include blocks or chairs as well, to help you keep your body in proper alignment.


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Now after we presented the types of yoga, we should tell you something about the general benefits as well:

  • First, it improves your cognitive and brain functions and lowers stress and anxiety levels. It is thought that it makes certain changes to genes in immune cells, and that’s where all benefits come from.
  • Along with that one of the main benefits of yoga is relief of chronic joint pain, as it is one of the main ways to handle arthritis. After months of practicing your range of motion is going to be increased, and after years you will develop stronger bones and joints.
  • Also, it lowers blood pressure and keeps heart rate at the moderate pace, that way reducing the risk of brain or heart strokes, as well as other coronary diseases. Taking Instaflex as a supplement along with that will support increased flexibility and range of motion even more.
  • It improves lung capacity and boosts immunity. Also, it boosts sexual drive, and people that regularly practice yoga have reported that they enjoy sex more.
  • It also keeps blood sugar levels in their place, reducing the risk of diabetes type 2 which is really important especially when it comes to adults.

And at the end, it is a great way to maintain healthy weight and tone your body as the regular practice of few types can do magic.

Achieve dream body by practicing yoga


So a lot of people that want to be fit and have a body that everyone will admire usually opt for modern workout regimes that are much more complicated and expensive, not seeing that all that can be achieved through yoga that is just around the corner:

  • First and foremost yoga counts both as a cardio and as a body tone workout, meaning that you have everything you need to be included in one regime. Along with that, it is much more cost efficient than for example gym as the only thing you need is a mat, which everyone can afford. Also, you can do it anywhere be it outdoors and indoors.
  • Another thing that separates it from other sports or workouts is that you have no one to compete with. It is not a competitive sport, and in that way, you might feel even more relaxed as you are your only opponent trying to break your limits.
  • Along with this you are basically saved from injuries, and it puts almost no stress on your joints, more so it increases your range of motion and flexibility, especially after you have practiced it for few months. What is really good as well is that you are mixing up your workout and targeting various parts of your body through it.
  • It targets every core muscle especially if you do the plank for as much as you can, or try out the “boat’’ pose. The burning sensation in your abs has got to be the sweetest thing as you now that you are doing something. Also, it gives a really good stretch to your back, especially the dog, cow and cat poses.
  • You also target both arms and legs, including quadriceps and gluteus doing yoga as there are various exercises such as crane/crow pose, or bends and squats that affect those parts.
  • You should also try to mix yoga types mostly focusing on Power, Iyengar and Ashtanga one as those will both build some muscle mass and still keep you lean, as they act as a cardio exercise as well.
  • Remember that to achieve all that you have to maintain a healthy diet and balanced daily routine for yoga to do you good.

Here is an excellent total body yoga workout as a good example.



Like in many other things people from far East apparently knew what where they were doing when they were creating yoga. It is a magnificent way to both relax, relieving yourself from daily problems, and still be fit and in form. What adds to it is that you can do all that without wasting almost any money and it is time efficient as well as 30 minutes of yoga, 3 or 4 times a week will have a fantastic effect on your health in general. So what are you waiting? Grab that mat and practice it out!

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