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Weider Power Tower Review | Is It Worth to Buy?

    weider power tower

    The Weider Power Tower is one of the most popular pull up dip station out there. Without a doubt, it is a rather good price/value ratio equipment that provides a satisfying user experience. It does not wobble, even under a heavier person. The bars and pads are comfortable. Also, it is a rather high tower, so it is suitable for taller trainees.

    However, there are some problems with shipping, missing parts, assembly, used materials and support. There are some complaints about that it is hard to put together because of missing parts or badly-drilled holes. The guarantee covers these issues, but it takes time for the support to react. The Weider manufacturer has its name in the fitness industry, but this power tower should be improved.

    Hence, I say this is a middle-class product that functions well. But, the mentioned problems are not negligible.


    • Great weight capacity
    • High structure
    • Good stability
    • Good user experience


    • Assembly problems because of missing parts, badly drilled holes, etc.
    • Packaging issues

    Price/customer reviews

    Read the customer reviews about Weider Power Tower here
    1,530 Reviews
    Read the customer reviews about Weider Power Tower here
    • Assembled dimensions: 57L x 41W x 84H inches
    • Weight: 87 lb
    • Max capacity: 300 lb
    • Warranty: 1 year

    Best features of Weider Power Tower

    High max weight capacity making suitable for heavy or pro users

    The maximum capacity is 300 pound which is more than enough for most of the people. Even if you are 250 pounds, you can use it safely, the wobbling so minimal that it is not annoying at all.

    Thanks to this high capacity, this tower is an excellent choice for professional users who want to do weighted pull ups, chin ups or dips. Even if you are 200 pounds, you can add up to 50-70 pounds extra weight to the exercises with safety with the help of a weighted vest or a weight plate on your belt.

    High structure, so suitable for tall people

    Most of the power towers have a pull bar which is 80 inches high, but Weider has 84 inches. That seems to be not too much but for tall people that provides a far better training experience. You should bend your knees while doing pull ups or chin ups, but you do not touch the ground. People over 6.3 feet use Weider power tower without any problems.

    weider 200

    Minimal wobbling, but not annoying

    You can hardly find a free standing pull up bar that is rock solid. Unless it is a commercial power tower, which is far more expensive, or fixed to the ground.

    Thanks to the extended stabilizers Weider has excellent stability. Lighter people experience no wobbling at all. But heavy trainees say the wobbling is acceptable and does not spoil their training.

    Apparently, you have to place it on entirely flat ground. But if your floor is uneven putting a rubber gym mat under it helps a lot.

    Good training experience

    The width of the dip bars is 24 inches, and they are 49 inches from the ground. Those dimensions are suitable for almost anyone. The distance between the bars is not too broad nor too narrow. Hence, you can focus on your triceps training.

    The vertical knee raise station is also comfy since the arm pads, and the backrest is thickly padded.

    The pull up station is covered with non-slip material and suitable for both close and wide grip pull ups or chin ups.

    The push-up section is just like all the others. It is an excellent way to go deeper so as to get a longer range of motion to engage the chest muscles better.

    pull ups on weider

    The bad

    Problems with assembly

    Putting together workout equipment like a pull up stand is not easy to task for someone who is not familiar with assembly. And if some bolts or screws are missed or the holes are drilled badly, then the construction is even more pain in the butt.

    The instructions for this pull up tower are easy to follow, but some customers complain about missing bolts, screws or washers. Not a big deal, since you can buy them for no money, but who wants to spend time with that.

    A few buyers even complain about missing parts. So, they have to get in touch with the support. They get the required parts, but that took time.

    Tip: When you assemble a tower do not tighten the bolts. Put everything together and tighten them in the end.

    The package is a mess

    It is not a serious problem but it is not a beautiful sight when you open the box, and everything is everywhere. Unfortunately, most buyers experience it.


    What is the footprint?

    The footprint is 60 inches long and 30 inches wide. Hence, it is not so small but does not require so much space.

    How wide is the pull up bar?

    42 inches

    Is it adjustable?


    Conclusion / Is it for you?

    If you are searching for a reasonable price/value ratio exercise equipment for your home gym to do most beneficial bodyweight exercises, Weider power tower is a good buy. It provides good user experience and perfect for upper body strength training. The price is excellent, but get ready for shipping and assembly problems.





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    1. It is good equipment for most of the people, but I’m searching for a commercial grade tower because I want to have body weight training with additional weights. I haven’t found one yet. Any suggestions?

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