Why Most People Fail at Weight Loss

weight-loss-factorsIt is a fact that most of the people who start a sort of diet fail sooner or later. There can be many reasons such as the plan is too complicated, the lack of motivation, etc.

Weight loss does not have to be so hard. There are just same basic rules you have to follow. Here are the factors you need to know.



Burn More Calories than You Take In

This is the most important factor you have to understand. Depending on your lifestyle your body needs a certain amount of calories daily in order to function well. For the average man that is 2500 calories and for a woman it is about 2000 calories daily.

It is a fact that by consuming the common foods and drinks it is really easy to overcome these numbers. Especially ones that are high in sugar and fats. Here you can learn about how 200 calories look like.

If you eat more calories than your body burns, it will store that additionally energy in fat. And that is how weight gain happens.

There are two ways to lose weight.

The first version is to take in fewer calories. If you do that your body starts to use the stored calories in order to have the amount of energy it needs for proper functioning.

The other way is to have the same amount of calorie intake, but you burn a portion of it by regular exercising. For example, if you walk for an hour you can burn 150-200 calories depending on your weight and the intensity. Your body will burn those stored calories again since calorie deficit comes up.

Personally, I recommend regular exercises instead of following a diet since it has numerous health benefits.

Should I count the calories?

Many experts recommend counting calories, but I think it is not very efficient in the long term. It may works for some weeks, but always focusing on the number of calories is pretty boring.

Instead of that, learn and get rid of those foods that are ultra high in calories. Typically, these are processed food that are high in sugar and trans fats.

Spend some time with researching the calorie amount of the foods you usually consume.

If it is a healthy food but contains a lot of calories reduce the portion. For example, I used to eat a lot of nuts since they are nutritious. However, they are high in calories as well since they contain a lot of fats. I still eat nuts, but much less than before and I have other things that have the same nutritional value, but lower in calories.


What You Have is as Important

It is a really important factor. Your daily calorie intake should come from foods that are nutritious. That means they contain enough minerals, vitamins, healthy fats and carbs, protein and other healthy nutrients.

That is why I think most of the diets are bad because they usually exclude a food group. For example, low carb diets recommend you to have fewer fruits that contain tons of nutrients.

The food pyramid below can help you a lot to understand what healthy eating is all about and you can read many other useful hints about healthy nutrition. (Click on the sign in right corner to enlarge)


Be active

The best way to burn calories it to be as active as possible every day. Will you burn any calories if you just sit in front of your TV or computer? Of course not.

Move whenever you can. Instead of using your car, walk. Use the stairs, work in your garden, cycle, etc. These little daily activities can result in a pretty lot calorie burn at the end of the day.



Be Consistent

Finally, the most important factor is never to give up! There are several techniques that help you to stay motivated on your weight loss way.

Starting is always hard, but if you stay consistent you are going to reach your goals.



I think these are the most essential factors of losing weight. I hope with the help of these suggestions you will be able to lose those pounds forever!


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