Weight Loss Begins with What You Drink

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drink-for-losing-weightMost of the people when they want to lose weight mainly focus on what they eat, and they forget about what they drink. Taking the right sort of things is as necessary for weight loss as the foods we consume.

The fact is that most of the people are dehydrated because they do not consume the proper amount of fluids daily. Dehydration has several adverse impact on health, and it also supports weight gain.

How? When people are dehydrated, they usually confuse the feeling of thirst with hunger. Hence, they start eating something. I used to suffer from this syndrome.

I have made this short video in which you can get some information about what and when you should drink in order to lose weight. Beneath the video, I talk more about these tips.


1. Drink Plenty of Water

Water is far the most important fluid of all. Almost 70% of your body is water. Water takes place in almost all the body processes. It helps to wash the toxins out of you body.

There is no question that water is vital for weight control. It helps you to feel satisfied, so you do not eat. Drink one glass of water before your meals, so you cannot eat as much. You can also have water while you eat, so you feel yourself filled faster.

Start your day with freshly-squeezed lemon water. It helps you to refill your body, and it is a good method to detoxify it.

You should take at least 8 glasses of water daily, but if it is hot or you workout, you need to increase the daily intake. If you do not like fresh water then, you may flavor it with some lemon, but never use sugar.



2. Fruit Juices are Not Always Good

I have to say the juices we usually buy from stores are far less healthy as they are promoted. The manufacturers in order to make their products more saleable add artificial flavors, sugar and other unnatural ingredients to their juices. Elements that you should avoid.

Homemade juices are excellent. Use fresh and bio veggies and fruits for your juices. A drink made from these components contains tons of vitamins, minerals, beneficial carbs and many other goodies.

3. Avoid Soda

In my opinion, soda is the worst drinks of all which is mainly responsible for obesity. These drinks are synthetic made from artificial components and with tons of sugar. This is also true for energy drinks and diet beverages.

I recommend getting rid of soda as soon as possible if you want to lose weight. There is life without it!


5. Alcoholic Drinks

Most of the alcoholic beverages are rich in calories, though there are some which contains healthy nutrients for example wine and beer. I used to drink beer. Now I know it was one of the main factors why I was not able to drop the pounds I wanted.

If you wish to drink alcohol, go with dry wine. It is the lowest in calories and has a positive impact on your health. Of course, do not overdo it.

6. Coffee and Tea

I am among those people who cannot start the day without some caffeine, and I am a coffee lover. Every morning I drink a cup of black coffee, and I have two cups of black or green tea during the day.

I never add sugar or other creamy things to them, just I have them pure. This way they are low in calories, but I can enjoy the benefits.

The best if you have green tea since it contains caffeine, but also a lot of other healthy components. This herb even supports weight loss.

On the other hand, do not forget that caffeine dehydrates your body. Hence, if you consume the mention drinks have some water or other healthy liquids.



Getting rid of the bad drinks I used to have has helped me a lot. The most critical step is to increase the amount of water you drink every day. Believe me you are going to feel yourself healthier and fitter.

What do you and do not you drink in order to lose weight?
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