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Weight Loss Motivation Tips to Stick to Your Diet

    Weight Loss Motivation Tips

    Motivation ideas for weight loss

    Why weight loss motivation is important? There are millions who want to lose weight. We are always searching for the best diet plans and workout routine to follow. But there is a particularly important factor of successful weight loss, and that is the motivation.

    I have a friend who is overweight, and he has tried a lot of ways to get rid of his unwanted pounds. But he always fails. Some days ago we were talking about why he fails all the time. He told me that when he starts a new diet or workout plan he is full of determination. He does his best, but as the time goes he cheats more and more. And after each cheat he feels himself guilty and then he reaches a level when he thinks it is impossible for him to lose weight, and he gives up.

    I asked him how he motivated himself, and he told me he only followed the rules, and that is all.

    Motivation is just essential for weight loss. In my opinion, it is the most critical part of the entire process. I know, it is not easy keep going on but there are many things that can help you a lot to keep your motivation.

    I think, the most significant motivation best motivation to lose weight is to understand what are the benefits of getting rid of pounds.

    Here the main benefits

    • You are going to be healthier with that the quality of your life will be better and you live longer. You can avoid a lot of diseases associated to obesity such as cancer, heart and cardiovascular illnesses, stroke, diabetes and tons of others.
    • You are going to be more energetic. It will not be hard to walk up on steep stairs. You will be able to do things you have never been able to before, etc.
    • You are going to look better. If you do not have a girlfriend or boyfriend yet, it will be easier to get one. You partner will be proud of you, and you are going to be proud of yourself if you stand in front of the mirror.
    • You will be fit and healthy not only physically but mentally as well. You will be able to concentrate better, get rid of a lot of negative thoughts and have more self-esteem.

    How to motivate yourself to lose weight?

    Here are my weight loss motivation tips that have worked me really well and helped to keep going on.

    Firstly, you have to learn the foods that you have to get rid of since they contain unwanted nutrients and high in calories. And gradually take them out from your diet.

    Make small changes first. For example, if you like chewing chips in front of the TV, get a bowl of veggies and fruits and eat those. You have almost the same feeling, but you can avoid a lot of bad things.

    So instead of following a diet blindly, learn what healthy nutrition and lifestyle are about.

    1. Find an icon / weight loss motivators

    Find a man or woman, there are millions of pictures about fit people on the web, who is going to be your icon. Put the picture to a place where you can see it. Imagine you are going to be the same and feel the success. I also like reading fitness quotes made by great sportsmen.

    Others suggest to take the worst picture of yourself and whenever you want to cheat you pick the picture. That may work, but I think being positive is more important!

    diet quotes motivational

    Catchy weight loss phrases


    2. Make a list why you want to lose weight

    I have made a short list above, but make your own and be as detailed as possible. You can make it as long as you want. Read the list regularly to keep your motivation and never to forget what you want and why. Take that list every morning and read it loud.

    3. Find somebody who can help you

    If you can afford, ask help from a specialist. If not, ask advice from those who you know and who has already achieved the body he or she wanted. If it is not possible join online communities where you can ask for aid. There thousands of sites where you can get inspiration and advice. I also love those before and after pictures.

    4. Reward yourself

    Whenever you reach a milestone, for example, 5-10 pounds loss, reward yourself with something you really enjoy doing or want. It can be a dress you have been dreaming about for so long or a new gadget. Personally, when I reached a milestone, I purchased something pricey that is useful for my working outs and diet. That is how I got a professional juicer, elliptical machine, and many other things for my home gym.

    5. Set short and long term goals

    How to stay motivated to lose weight? For me setting up clear goals work the best. Write down exactly what you want. Have long and short term goals. But do not cheat yourself and set goals which are almost impossible to reach.

    But set realistic weight loss goals!

    For example, one of my long-term goal was to lose 45 pounds. I wanted to achieve that in 6 months. That means every month I had to lose 7.5 pounds which was quite easy to reach with proper diet and exercise.


    6. Use your imagination

    I have just read the book of Arnold Schwarzenegger in which he told many times that he visualized himself having huge muscles. He believes that the imagination is one of the most critical factors of success.

    I agree! It works! Not just in bodybuilding, but in all part of the life.

    Imagine yourself looking great and fit wearing clothes that you are now just dreaming about. Feel that your body is light, and you can move without difficulty.

    Every morning when I wake up I spend at least 10 minutes with visualizing myself being who I want to be in all part of the life.

    7. It is all about healthy living

    I know there are hundreds of weights loss guidelines out there promoted as the best one. A few of them may help but what you need is a complete lifestyle change. It is not only about healthy eating, but also about how much you move and how you can get rid of your bad habits.

    Picking the right weight loss plan is not easy, but always avoid the ones which are dangerous. There are trustworthy websites where experts share their thoughts about diets and only follow those which are approved. There are too many useless Why is fad diet bad? these days, so be careful.

    8. Others

    Reading weight loss success stories can also help since we have a feeling that if it was possible for them, we can do it as well. Plus, you may be able to learn useful diet motivation tips.

    Finally, there are a tons of weight loss motivational quotes. Read one or two daily. I’m sure they will help.


    These are my tips how to get motivated to lose weight and I hope they will help you. Determine yourself and never give up! It is mainly about healthy habits that you should pick up gradually.

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    Do you have more ideas on how to get inspired to lose weight? Share your thoughts below.


    James Wright

    James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.

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    1. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to lose weight, and I failed. After reading this article, I feel motivated again. Thank you for the tips.

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