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Weight Plate Exercises for Total Body Workout

    weight plate exercises

    If I say you that a single weight plate is enough to strengthen all parts of your body, you may think I’m mad. But, you will see this simple workout equipment can be used not just for putting on the bar, but to have sufficient training.

    Without a doubt, weight plate exercises for chest are the most well-known such as plate squeeze which is a great practice to finish your pecs.

    However, there are endless other drills you can do to strengthen your entire body. I particularly like the plate/bodyweight combos.

    From the following video, you will learn over 32 weight plate exercises. These moves are a good example how versatile this simple equipment can be.


    What are the benefits of weight plate exercises?

    Why is it a good idea to include these types of practices in your workout routine?

    • Making your training more versatile. It is always good to load the muscles with different exercises to keep them growing.
    • Build strong grips. A lot of trainees underestimate the importance of grip strength. And, the weak grip is one of the main reasons why they cannot lift heavy weights. Since it is hard to hold, it develops the power of your hands thoroughly.
    • Make the traditional exercises more challenging, so they are great for progressive overload. Can you plank for 2 minutes or more? Just put a plate on your back for more significant resistance.
    • Engage more muscles. If you catch a dumbbell or a barbell, it provides a somewhat stable load to handle. But, if you pick a plate, it is going to be harder to perform the motion. Hence, other muscles have to “jump in” for control. For example, single bicep weight plate curl when your triceps and your wrist have to work as well.
    • Perfect for home training. Have no place at home for various strength training equipment. Just a get 2-3 plates in different weight, and you can have a full body training. After the usage, you can store them under your bed.

    So, to sum up, you can give a new type of impulse to your body and nervous system.

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    Ideas for weight plate workout routines

    You can create a weight plate circuit workout as if you were using barbell, dumbbells or bodyweight moves. You can even combine them.

    For example, on day one your strengthen your lower body with various squats above, and on day two you focus on your upper body and core with push-ups, presses, pulls and core exercises.

    You can also add these moves to your existing plan to finish your muscles. A good example is the standing squeeze chest press which is a great finisher pumping blood to your pecs.

    Also, we should mention that there are many compound exercises such as reverse lunge and twist that works a lot of muscles at once. So, you can get a quick full body workout with just a few exercises if you are lack of time.

    And finally, a plate is useful equipment to have conditioning training, training that is done by fighters. Here is an example MMA plate workout


    Other routines


    Boost the power of your core

    From this list, my favorite moves are the weight plate exercises for abs. For example, chops, standing twists, overhead carry, side bend, Russian twist for the obliques, or the crunches for the rectus abdominis.

    These types of weighted abs exercises boost the strength and the size of your abdominal muscles. So, they pop out, and if you have just a little fat in your tummy, you can get six pack quickly.

    russian twist with weight

    Russian twist with weight – Great for obliques



    Do not forget. It is vital to have a full body warming up before doing these exercises with workout plates. A wrong move and you can quickly get a muscle strain. So, start your training with total warm up.

    Also, do not use too heavy weights at the beginning and learn the proper form. As you get better, increase the amount of weight gradually.


    To sum up

    Weight plate exercises can be an excellent addition to your workout routine. They are perfect moves to develop strength and thanks to the compound moves to boost your endurance. Try them, and tell us how they worked for you.


    James Wright

    James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.

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