Do you know what wellness is? It is about how to be healthy both mentally and physically in order to live a quality life. It is a huge topic, isn’t it? But here we would like to cover all parts of it. You can find beneficial health and wellness tips to feel yourself better in your skin.

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After checking out this infographic you will understand why sleep deprivation such a serious problem.
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Interesting facts and myths about nutritional supplementation. Does it really help to be fit and healthy?
The Risk of Working Out Too Much | What Is Rhabdomyolysis?
Exercise is healthy but too much can Rhabdomyolysis a condition that breaks down muscles causing dangerous complications.
11 Tips on How to Look and Feel Better if You Have Desk Job
Do you have a desk job and sit all day? Follow these easy to follow tips that help you to keep your body and mind fit and healthy.
The Science Behind the Human Brain [Infographic]
Find interesting facts about how your brain functions and learn what you should do to keep its healthy development.
Tips for Staying Healthy Inside the Office
Office work is bad for your health. Learn easy to follow habits that help you to keep you body and mind healthy while you are at the office.
Mid Day Office Moves to Get Rid of Stress, Soreness & Tightness
Are you sore, tight and stressed during the working hours in the office. Try these moves to get rid of them and get refreshed.
Working In Sitting Or Standing Position? Which is Healthier?
Learn what are the cons and pros of sitting while you work. And what you should do to make your working hours healthier.
Holiday Travel: Braving the Roads or Skies While Maintaining Your Sanity
Your holiday travel does not have to be full of stress. Here are a few tips that help you have a peaceful holiday season.
How You Can Prevent Cold Naturally
Fall is here with its cold days and illnesses. Learn how you can prevent cold without having any pills.
Infographic Teaching You About Common Hidden Illnesses
Infographic to teach you about hidden illnesses by showing the symptoms, how they are caused and how to lessen the difficulties they cause.
Don’t You Sleep Enough? This Will Happen to Your Face!
Check out what happens to your facial skin and your social relations if you do not sleep enough regularly.
Running Over 50? Here Is How to Start
It is never too late to run. Here is some advice to run safely over the age of 50 to keep your body fit and healthy.
Age Related Muscle Loss Prevention Tips That Easy to Follow
Nutritional and fitness tips that help you prevent muscle loss. Be careful! You lose 3-8% of your muscles every decade after the age of 30!
Get Rid of Hangover Quickly With These Proven Foods and Drinks
Do you go mad because of a hangover? Try these proven food and drink cures to get rid of it hangover quickly.
How did our perception of the “perfect body” evolve?
This infographic relieves how our opinions have changed over time on the concept of beauty.
Air Conditioning & Your Health [Infographic]
While air condition makes our lives more comfortable, if it works badly it can cause serious health issues. Learn how to avoid them.
How to Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally
Learn what are the causes of cellulite and what you should do to get rid of it forever. Cellulite treatment naturally.
5 Tips on How to Handle Bad Mood
These 5 tips will help you get rid of constant bad mood and control your anger. Smile more and be happy every day.
Homecare: The World’s Fastest Growing Industry? [Infographic]
Did you know that every day for the next 20 years, an additional 10,000 Americans will celebrate their 65th birthday?
What You Should Know About Stroke [Infographic]
Learn what are the signs of stroke, and what you should do to stop in time.
Do You Want to Stop Working Out? Don’t Do It! Here Is Why!
Are you bored with working out and want to give it up? Don't do it! Check out what happens to your body when you stop regular exercising.
Proven Advice on How to Be Fit and Healthy at College
Are you a college student? Here are some proven tips on how to be fit and healthy even if you have to learn a lot.
The Secrets of Living Longer and Better
Do you want to know the secrets of people who are in their 80s and 90s and they are still healthy and active? Check out this infographic.
How to Use Your 7 Chakras to Get Healthy and Balanced
Learn the seven chakras of your body. What are they, what they do and how to open them to get mental and physical health.
Why You Need to Have 30 Minutes of Exercise a Day
30 minutes of exercise at least 5 times a week does not seems to be so much, but it can help you a lot to keep your body healthy and fit.
You Are in Danger! Poisonous Chemicals at Home
It is no secret that our houses are full of poisonous chemicals? But what are they and how do they affect your health?
The First Warning Signs of Depression
Do you have negative thoughts, insomnia, bad memory? Are you always tired? These can be the signs of depression.
Why You Should Make Time for Massage Therapy
Learn why you need to have a massage therapy more regularly. Discover what are the health benefits and what types of massages there are.
The Best Yoga Poses for Instant Stress Relief
Are you after a hard day full of stress? Do these easy yoga poses and feel yourself reborn and calm in minutes.
Even Little Fat on Your Belly Can Be More Dangerous Than You Think
A recent study has proved that those people who have excess belly fat (even a little) are in more danger, even if their BMI is respectable.
9 Unusual Ways to Stay Healthy and Happy
Health and happiness are the two most precious things you can have in your life. Here are some interesting and strange ways how to keep them.
Is Sitting Too Much Killing You?
Did you know that sitting too much is one of main causes of various diseases? Learn why and how to prevent that.
What Does Stress Do to Your Body and How to Release It?
Learn how stress affects your body and what you need to do to release stress.
How Can Healing and Health Affirmations Help You?
Learn how affirmations for health and healing can help you to change your life and find over positive 100 statements that are proven to work.
How to Become a Morning Person
Follow these proven tips and learn how to be a morning person. Stop struggling in the morning and boost your energy for the whole day.
What Is the Proper Way to Sleep?
Learn what the best sleeping position is and discover various habits to have long-lasting sleep and fresh mornings.
Do You Know Your Poop and Pee?
Discover what your pee and poop can tell you about your health.
How to Detox Your Body Easily
Learn simple yet efficient ways to detox at home. Feel yourself better and be healthier by cleansing the toxins from your body.
What You Need to Know About Sleeping
A big list of sources from which you can learn everything about sleeping. Facts, tips and products that help to have better nights.
How to Optimize Your Health
Follow these simple lifestyle changing tips for a healthier you. By taking up these habits you can avoid diseases from which millions die.
What Are the Causes of Bad Breath
Do you suffer from bad breath? Here are the main causes of halitosis. Get rid of these and pay attention to oral care to have fresh breath.
10 Easy to Follow Tips for Good Health
Health is the most important in life. Follow these simple lifestyle tips to be fitter and healthier both mentally and physically.
Why Is Sleep So Important to Your Health?
Discover why sleeping is essential for health and how it affects you mentally and physically. Learn how much is enough and shocking facts.