What Do You Need for Safe Running?

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When I first determined I was going to run, I picked on my old sports shoes and started. I ran about 3 miles. But I did not feel myself well after it. My feet, ankle and knees were hurting, and my body was totally exhausted. I had been bored during the session and felt myself uncomfortably.

Hence, I said myself “Running is not for me” and I gave it up.

Now I know it was my mistake that I did not prepare. I did not wear the essential equipment that are required for safe and efficient running.

Running is like any other sports. You need special equipment to get the most from it and to avoid injuries. Even if you need to spend some money on shoes and others, running is still one of the cheapest ways to exercise. On top of that, it has maybe the most benefits on your health.

Within the list below you can learn what you need to make your running sessions safe and enjoyable.

Good Running Shoes

running-shoesThere is no question that having high-quality running shoes is crucial. Fortunately, during the last decades the manufacturers have created shoes that protect the joints and muscles supremely.

I know, they cost a little bit more, but this is the most important investment you need make. While you run, there is a lot of impact on your joints, muscles and bones. Running shoes are specially made to lower the harmful effects. They give you a total protection.

Since, each of us has different feet, the best is if you visit a shoe store where the professionals will help you to find the model that fit you the best.

Tip: In most of the cases, you can buy running shoes cheaper online than in stores, for example on Amazon. So, go to the shop and try a few models, but buy them online. I know, it is not very ethical, but you can save a lot of money.

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Anyway, watch the following video to learn how to choose running shoes.


Comfortable Running Clothes

Picking the right type of clothing for men and women is easy since there so many kinds of products out there. You should test how do you feel yourself comfortable. Somebody likes tight sportswear others like loose one. Just pick the one you like.

If you can afford, you can purchase special running sportswear that have unique features. For example, there are ones that remove the moisture from your skin quickly so it so it cools you down a little bit and protect your skin.

However, for women a sports bra is recommended. These bras are made from high-quality materials to protect the breast.

Information about the most professional running sportswear below.


Running Apps & Other Technologies

Runners used to use a stopwatch, but now there are tons of applications and other fitness technology that help to improve our training.

There are a lot of running apps for mobile devices as well as watches that track your distance, time, amount steps, heart rate and many other things about your running. These functions are really beneficial since you can track your progress and run safer.

>>> You can learn about running technology here.


Water Bootle

Hydration-Running-BeltIf it is possible, bring a water bottle with yourself, especially if you run a long distance, and it is hot outside. You can easily get dehydrated that can lead to several health issues.

I know, it is not so comfortable to bring it in your hands. You may put it in somewhere and get it if you need. Or you can buy hydration running belt.

I think, these are essential things you need for safe and powerful running. If you can afford, you can buy other “luxury” things such as armbands, sunglasses or others. It is up to you. However, what really matters is how dedicated you are.

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