What to Eat After Workouts to Get Results You Want

After completing your workout, it is critical what you eat. You need to have the right types of foods if you want to get the results you want and to refill your body.

Eating correctly after workouts for those who want to build bigger muscles is especially important since they have 1 hour when the muscles truly grow.

Below you can find foods which your need to consume in order to have the best benefits.

What to eat after a workout to build muscle

1. Eat protein rich foods and/or drinks

As you probably know, protein is required for your body to build muscle fibers. When you workout, muscle fibers are damaged and for recreation amino acid is needed. Therefore, right after the workout you need to take in something which is high in protein.

The simplest method is to drink a protein shake which contains all the beneficial components that are needed for muscle building.

You can also have some sort of lean meat such as chicken, beef, turkey or fish. A good portion of dish from these kinds of meats contains enough protein you need after workouts.

If you have no time to cook your meals, get a shake, but you can have both.

2. Drink water

It is crucial to drink enough during your workouts, but do not forget to drink after your routine as well. During workouts by sweating, breathing etc. you lose a lot of water that you have to supply. Do not drink soda or sweet things, stick to water.

3. Consume whole-grain foods

Whole grain-foods contain a lot of beneficial carbohydrates, which are digested slowly so they refill and give energy for your body in the long term. Typically, the healthiest whole grain foods are whole-grain bread, pasta, oatmeal, barley, brown rice, whole rye etc. Watch the video below to learn more about these sorts of foods.


4. Get fruits & vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, fiber and water. During workouts, your body uses a lot of these, so you need to supply them back. Eating veggies and fruits also help to get your energy back since they contain fructose which provides energy in the short term.

Watch the video about the best 10 fruits and their benefits.


Can I eat a small piece of sweet?

Yes, since your body has used up a lot of carbohydrates for your workouts, you should restore your body by taking in some simple carbohydrates. A small piece of chocolate is OK. But do not over-do it!

Overall, these are the most valuable foods you need to eat to recharge your body and to build muscles. Have these foods ready and handy right after your workouts and consume them in an hour.

Finally, here is a great infographic from greatist.com to learn everything about workout nutrition.

what to eat after workout
Best post workout meal for muscle gain



What to eat after a workout to lose weight?

If your aim with cardio is to lose weight, then I recommend having nothing for an hour. After a hard cardiovascular training there are several fat burning processes in the body which stop if you consume something. After one hour have the mentioned things.

What should I consume after an ab workout?

If you want to lose fat then follow the rule for cardio if not have the mentioned foods above.

What not to eat after a workout?

Well, anything that does not contain any healthy nutrients for your body. In one word: junk food. Eating junk food after workout gives nothing that your body requires to develop.


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  1. During the gym, I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits but orange, apple, banana … Limit starch and sugar, salt …

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