Why Healthy Eating Is the Way to Wellness


Eating is much more than just filling your stomach. So if you had the impression that by just satisfying your hunger, with whatever comes your way and it is edible, is enough then think twice.

Our life and health depend very much on what we eat. A balanced diet means a balanced body weight, excellent health and overall state of mind. The opposite means issues with body weight, health problems and a feeling of unhappiness. Thus, do be careful what you eat, because the consequences are greater than you may think.

In order for our body to function properly and protect itself against outside aggression, which may trigger an illness, it needs high-quality nutrients. These nutrients come in the form of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and so on, which fuel each cell of our body. If some of these needed nutrients lack, an organ will start not functioning at a proper capacity, creating and unbalance in the entire system.

And if you want to make sure you consume only the best nutrients, you have to pick your food carefully. Many studies showed that highly processed foods are very low when it comes to nutrients, giving us the feeling of a full stomach, but without helping our bodies unroll its natural processes. This way, we end up being overweight, sick, tired and always in a bad mood.

Also, each organ of the body needs various nutrients to work as it should. So this means that it is not enough to have a balanced and high-quality diet, but you should also make it diverse. You will have to eat a bit of everything. That means to have vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, leafy greens, and small portions of lean meats. Luckily, there is a high diversity of food from each category, so we can make numerous combinations when preparing a meal, without the risk of getting bored.

The secret is to cook out food healthy and correctly, and to try to avoid frying it in hot oil or exposing it to an open flame. Both methods are known to create toxic products in the food, which are related to the appearance of cancer.

Why most cooking oils are dangerous.


As much as possible, try to reduce cooking of fresh foods, like veggies and greenies, because you will destroy their valuable nutrients. Some of them won’t require more than a gentle simmering, before being served. A correct way of cooking will not only keep you away from any toxic by-products but will also ensure that you get all the minerals and vitamins you need for a healthy body.

Also, a balanced diet should have a bit of everything in various proportions.

  • Carbohydrates should be present in 6 to 8 portions per day, according to your level of activity.
  • Fruits and vegetables, preferably eaten fresh, should be at least 5 portions every day.
  • Proteins should be present in at least 3 portions each day. Do have in mind that proteins can be taken from other foods as well, not only from meat.
  • Dairy should also be present in 3 portions.
  • And fatty, salty or sugary foods should be only 1 portion or none at all.

We can live very well if we wouldn’t consume them each day.

The following infographic recap almost everything what you need to know about healthy eating. Spend some time with learning it and if you liked share with your friends.


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