Why Shouldn’t You Be Underweight? – All About Malnutrition

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It is not difficult to find information about how to lose weight and media is stuffed with facts about the growing number of overweight people all around the world.

However, there is far less discussion about malnutrition which is as serious as being overweight. Being underweight is as unhealthy as obesity. It can cause a lot of health problems and decrease the wellness of the person having this issue.

Here I would like to share with you the causes and symptoms of it.

What is the definition of malnutrition?

So, malnutrition means that we do not take in enough nutrients into our bodies (one or more types). It can be the result of having not enough food or one particular food group.

In addition, it can also be caused by chronic mental or physical diseases such as infections, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.

A sign of malnutrition is if your body mass index (BMI) is under 18, and it if it is under 17 you health is at a serious risk.

The interesting thing is that you can suffer from malnutrition, better to say undernourishment, even if you take in enough energy daily in case you get rid of one particular food group.

That is the problem with most of the diets that tell you to get rid of fats, carbohydrates or consume more of one particular food group such as proteins. And because these days it is a trend to be slim, the risk of malnutrition is high, particularly among the teenagers.

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A healthy diet gives you the adequate quantity of carbs, protein, fatty acids as well as minerals, vitamins, etc. Simply, all the macro and micronutrients your body requires for healthy functioning.

What are the symptoms of malnutrition?

Depending on the level of malnutrition the symptoms are various. It is obvious that the more severe the nutritional deficiency is, the more severe the health problems are.

If the level of malnutrition is moderate, the following conditions usually appear.what-are-signs-of-malnutrition

  • Loss of muscles and weakness. As a result, they look boney and unnaturally thin.
  • Patients usually fell themselves tired and are not able to perform long lasting physical activities.
  • They usually have the feeling of coldness.
  • Malnourished people often suffer from mental problems such as listlessness, apathy and they cannot handle stress so well.
  • Because of the weakened immune system they are more willing to get infections.

In case of severe malnutrition, these problems are even worse, and many other diseases appear.

  • It takes them a lot of time to heal from diseases and wounds heal poorly.
  • They have edema on their limbs and even on their face.
  • Their nails are broken.
  • Their hair is colorless and broken.
  • The skin is wrinkled and dry.
  • Various disorders appear in the organs, especially in the liver.

As you see being underweight can cause severe physical and mental problems, but undernutrition can be easily cured by paying attention to foods we eat.

If you suffer from the mentioned problems is critical to change your diet with the help of a specialist who will set up a proper eating plan and treatment to recover from this poor state.

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