What is the Best Diet? – Poll

what-is-the-best-dietThere is no question that there is always a huge debate about what the best diet is. Almost every month a new “revolutionary” regime comes up, then it is forgotten and proved that it does not work at all (or worst, it is unhealthy).

On the other hand, there are a few eating plans, such the DASH or Mediterranean diet, that are proven to be healthy and can help to lose weight. However, what works for one, may not for others.

In order to find the best diet, that works for most of the people, I created a poll in which I listed the 51 most well-known plans. (If I have missed one please tell me within the comment section.)

I would like to ask you to vote to help others to find the best way to lose weight. You can vote on two diets maximum. After picking your choices, click the vote button at the bottom. You can see the results after voting or by clicking on the results button.

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