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What Are the Full Body Workout Benefits

    Full Body Workout Benefits

    Full body workout benefits – Do not underestimate it!

    If you are a beginner who wants to build muscles or lose weight with the help of various training methods, you have bumped into such phrases like “full body training” and “split training.”

    For the question, what total body strength training, the answer is pretty simple.

    It is a type of training when you work each of the major muscle groups of your body. Your legs (hamstrings, quads, calves, glutes), your core (abs, lower back, oblique), your upper body (biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, chest). To put it bluntly, on one training your entire body is trained.

    This seems to be too much, doesn’t it? All the muscles? That means a lot of exercises to do meaning long hours of training.

    But, that is not the case a well-organized full body workout program includes compound exercises. These are moves that work more than one muscle group at once.

    For example, there is squat which seems to be an exercise for your thighs. But, if you do it correctly, it works your calves, hamstrings, glutes, quads. Plus, your core since you have to keep our balance. And finally, your shoulders are engaged as well.

    Or bench press which seems to be weight training for the chest but it strengthens your shoulders and triceps as well.

    The same is true for bodyweight exercises like pull-ups. When you perform it not just your back muscles work but your arms and shoulders. Even your abs.

    So, to sum up, a full body workout plan should consist of mainly compound exercises. This way with 6-10 practices you can train your entire body.

    And what is split training?

    That is a method when you work only one or two (max 3) muscle groups on a day. Hence, you can do more types specific activities for a particular muscle group.

    For example, when you have a chest day, you not just do flat bench press, but also exercises like decline or incline presses, flys, or drills with the cable machine.

    It seems to a better option, right? Since you “give” more to your muscle growth. But, bodybuilding does not work like that. Read on.

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    Benefits of Full Body Workout for Beginners (and others)

    1. Full body workout for muscle mass and strength


    Why do you want to start bodybuilding? Because you want to put on muscles, don’t you?

    The best way to improve your mass and strength is to lift heavy weights. And that is where the compound exercises like bench press, squat, deadlift, shoulder press, etc. come in.

    These activities let you lift heavy weight compared to isolation exercises that are usually in split plans. With compound moves, you can increase your size, and then you can get better definition with the help of isolation moves. You cannot shape something that does not exist, can you?

    The sculptor gets a big stone and chisels it to something he wants. You should make your body a big rock first and then carve it.

    For example, with the help of barbell bench press, you build bigger and stronger pecs. And, then you can shape it with flys to make it wider or close grips presses to develop the inner parts.

    To sum up, a full body compound workout is the best way to boost your mass and strength.

    2. Develops you cardio & helps to lose weight

    Most of the gym goers do not care about the strength and health of their cardiovascular system. They want to have beautiful big muscles. And, that is why after 10 burpees they huff and puff even if they look like a Greek god.

    Another significant benefit of compound exercises is that they improve your cardio and endurance as well.


    Since many muscles work to perform the compound movements, they need a lot of energy and oxygen. So, your lung and heart must work hard. Plus, your body burns the calories like a furnace to give the fuel for the muscle fibers.

    Just think about squat, how many big and small muscles are engaged at once during the movement.

    To sum up, have a full body workout routine for weight loss and better cardio.

    3. You do not have to spend much time with training

    Yes, you can save a lot of time. Firstly, because you do fewer types of exercises. And, because total body training requires only 2-3 days per a week.

    That seems to be not that much, but in bodybuilding, the quality of the workout is more important than the quantity.

    4. Faster growing

    With a split workout, you do many exercises for a muscle group (3-4) with 3-4 sets one day of a week. But, in the case of total body workouts you do just one exercise with 3-4 sets, but 3 times a week.

    The numbers of sets are almost the same per week, but you do not “kill” your muscles so that they can recover faster. And, since one group is trained more regularly, it must develop itself more quickly to keep up with the load.

    Sample 3 day routine for beginners

    3 day total body workout for beginners




    Is it suitable for advanced trainees?

    You can enjoy the same benefits that are better endurance, cardio as well as improved muscle strength and mass. Here are the full body workouts of the best bodybuilder ever.

    What about full body workout at home without equipment?

    The same is true. If you prefer calisthenics exercises make a plan that works everything at once. The best compound bodyweight moves are the push ups, pull up, chin up, dip, squat, lunges, handstand or pike push up ( for shoulders).

    Do full body workouts help to lose body fat?

    Well, strength training is not the best option for fat loss, for that HIIT cardio is better. Although, the more muscle mass you have, the faster your metabolism is.

    Anyway, since mainly compound exercises are done such as bench press, squat or deadlift, it is maybe better for burning calories. Why? Since during these complex moves, many muscles work together and this way they need more energy than isolated exercises.

    To sum up

    I hope you know understand the full body workout benefits. It does not mean split training is not as efficient, but for beginners, it is a much better starting.

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