What Kind of Workout Should You Do?

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When I began working out about 3 years ago, it was not easy to decide which workout is suitable for me. Since I used to do bodybuilding, I started it again, but after a month I felt it was not the one I really wanted and enjoyed. I was bored with lifting weights, and I was not motivated at all.

Therefore, I was researching to learn what sorts of other workout types there are for some weeks. Then, I made a list what I truly wanted to achieve and what kinds of trainings I enjoy the most.

That time those were:

  • Lose weight. At least 40 pounds in half a year.
  • Build lean muscle mass.
  • Increase my stamina and endurance.

That is how I ended at calisthenics and boxing. Why? The compound bodyweight exercises are excellent to increase general strength and for muscle building. Boxing is perfect as a cardio training, and it burns calories and boosts endurance. Plus, I enjoy both of them.

And I have to say the combination of these sports have worked for me perfectly. I have lost over 50 pounds. My endurance is better than ever before, and I have rather lean muscle mass. But what the most important is that after three years I still enjoy working out.

However, since I have developed so much, I think about trying CrossFit because it is challenging and even more versatile.

Tips to Decide What the Optimal Workout Is for You

If you think about starting working out and do not know what type of training is suitable for you, I recommend doing the same.

Write down what your goals are.

Do you want to get stronger and build massive muscles? Would you like to lose weight? Do you want to boost your stamina? Or you just want get a little bit fitter and leaner?

You should also think about who much effort are you willing to put into your workouts.

Do you like mild training or brutal ones? What do you prefer? Working out weights or doing bodyweight exercises? Or are you not interested at weight training at all? Do you like running?

You should also think about if you want to go to the gym or not.

Do you like working out inside or outside? Do you need the help of others? Do you prefer training alone or with other people?

To discover which is the ideal workout for you, the best is if you try some and pick the one which you enjoy.

I have seen so many people jumping into various programs just because a fitness guru recommends it, or it is fashionable, but they do not like it at all. And guess what? After some months, they give up. I believe, it is crucial is to pick a workout that we enjoy!

Not everybody likes pumping iron, running or exhausting workouts. There is not any problem with that. Just move!

How do you know if the workout type you have chosen is optimal for you? If after finishing your training, you are waiting for the next one.

Anyway, I have just discovered a very useful infographic that can help you a lot to decide which is the best program for you.



I hope with the mentioned tips and questions, you can find the program you will love, and it will bring the results you want. Once you get it, start doing it!

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