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Home Gym Machine Buying Guide – Answer These Questions

    home gym machine

    Buying a home gym machine is not an easy task. There are many models out there with less or more functions and in a various price range.

    While these are all critical to know, but the most important is to know what your goals are. What do you want to develop? How will you want to use it? Is it going to be the only way to work out or just additional equipment for your home training? What is your fitness level? How much money can you spend?

    If you can answer these questions, it is going to be much easier to pick the right model for you.

    In this guide, I’d like to help you to decide.

    Answer these questions to buy the best home gym machine for you:

    1. Do you need a machine to have a total body workout?

    The modern home gym systems are packed with tons of functions to provide a total body workout. In the past home gym machines were criticized because they allowed us to train just the upper body.

    The latest models come with various functions to train your lower body as well. For example, with leg extension, leg curl and even with a leg press section. Also, you can use its cables to do other exercises for your lower body.

    However, keep in mind that such an all in one workout machine is more expensive and needs more space. But, with the help of them, you can train your entire body without going to the gym.

    They are suitable solutions for beginners who have never done any strength training exercises before. And also for those who would like to shape their muscles and get stronger. However, if you crave to build serious muscles and strength, you must use free weights such as dumbbells, barbell, etc.

    A multi gym machine is also a good option for those who prefer cardio training such as running but want to improve their muscle strength.

    Here are the manufacturers of the most popular weight machines for home that are good for total body training.

    A. Bowflex With Special Power Rod Resistance

    bowflex blaze workout machine

    Blaze that provides over 60 ways to exercise

    Bowflex manufactures strength training equipment which comes with unique resistance system called power rods. Compared to weight stacks or plate loaded machines rods generate a constant resistance during the entire motion. These gyms are easy to use and depending on the version you choose, you can perform from 40-100 exercises.

    However, pro lifters may find the resistance not enough. But, for an average level workout, it will do.

    The basic model is PR1000 that cost about 400 bucks. But the best buy is Bowflex Blaze, an all in one exercise machine, considering its price and how versatile it is (supporting over 70 exercises)

    Detailed comparison of Bowflex home multi gyms


    B. Marcy Stack Home Gym Sets – Affordable Machines

    marcy mvm 990 home multi gym

    Marcy 990

    Marcy makes affordable but good quality home gym equipment. Their machines come with traditional stack weight resistance and provide a wide range of exercises. They have lower and upper pulley systems. The maximum load they offer is 100-200 lb which is acceptable even for an advanced level trainer.

    I have to mention the Marcy Diamond Elite MD-9010G Smith Cage. I think it is the best home gym for the money since it is packed with tons of functions and its price is excellent. It is a complete home weight system for lifting weights safely but also has a cable crossover system.

    To sum up, Marcy gyms are great for people on a budget.

    See the comparison and reviews of the best Marcy home gyms here


    C. Body Solid Gyms – Commercial Quality

    Body Solid EXM2500s

    Body Solid machines are commercial graded all in one gyms that function flawlessly and last forever. The manufacturer gives a lifetime guarantee on the main parts. Of course, such quality costs a little bit more.

    These are multi station home gym systems with weight stacks up to 210 lb.

    Learn more about Body Solid machines here.


    2. Do you need workout machines to target various muscles groups?

    lat pulldown machine

    In case you just would like to focus on what muscle group, I think there is no need to buy a full body workout machine for home. Why would you pay for something that you will never use?

    Let’s say you already do exercises with our without weights such as push-ups, bench press, squats, etc. and you have good results. But you desire to focus more on your back. So, you want to make lat pull down and other back exercises.

    If that is the case, you just need a lat machine that can be used for several other exercises, though. It costs far less than a complete home gym.

    My example. I have almost everything in my gym, but I have do not have a treadmill since I prefer running outdoor. But, I wanted to train my lower back, so I bought a Roman chair.

    To conclude, it is useless to buy something because it seems to be a better buy if you will never use those extra functions. You can spend your money on something better for sure.

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    3. Do you prefer lifting weights?

    power rack weight training machine

    To tell the truth, I prefer lifting free weights rather using a home gym machine but adding new types of exercises to our workout routine is always good. With machines, you can focus on one particular area more efficiently.

    If you already have everything for weight lifting such as a power rack, dumbbells, a weight bench a barbell with weights, well, you have everything.

    Frankly, if I had enough money and space, I’d buy a cable crossover machine. It is a very versatile home gym equipment to do a lot of types of exercises for each muscle group. Alternatively, you can get a lat pulldown machine that is cheaper but provides less functions.

    One thing you should not forget. If you have been lifting weights, you may already have a good strength. So, keep this in mind when you buy a machine. You do not want exercise equipment that will not provide enough resistance.

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    4. Are you searching for something really affordable?

    Well, there are cheaper models other there, but as it is said, you get what you pay for. There is nothing worse than when your workout is disturbed with machine problems.

    If I were in your shoes, I would wait until I have enough money to buy a reliable strength training equipment. Until that, you can do a wide range of bodyweight exercises such as push-ups or get a cheap dumbbell set for weight training.

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    5. Do you have just a little space to workout?

    If you have just a little area to work out, do not worry since there are still many possibilities for you. Just check out the following posts:


    More Tips Before Purchasing

    • Write down exactly what you want to reach with your purchase. Why do you need it? It is going to to be easier the to pick the most suitable machine for you.
    • Look around in several online and offline stores because there can be big differences in prices. From my experience, Amazonis the cheapest place, and you can bump into great sales as well.
    • Always check out the customer reviews. Typically, products look good in the pictures. But, do not always believe your eyes and the description of the product. User reviews are the real proof.
    • Think twice before spending hundreds of bucks unless you do not care to throw the money out of the window. Ask yourself “Do I really need it?” I know many of my friends who bought one, and now it is in the corner of the garage because they never use it.

    I hope these tips will help you to spend your money on a home gym machine wisely. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask below. We will help you to decide.


    James Wright

    James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.

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