Why It Is Not Just Your Fault Your Are Fat

fat-americaIt is a fact that obesity in our era is one of the greatest health problems and not just in the USA. While in the 1960s just about the 10% of the population was obese, in the 2010s it is over 30%!

And if we take in account the people who are not obese but “just” overweight, the statistics are even more shocking. And, unfortunately, the rates among the kids are high as well.

There is no question that the fat people carrying on themselves is one of the main reasons for many diseases.

Who is responsible for that so many obese people? They themselves? Or are there other reasons?

Nobody says to them to eat and drink more. Nobody forces them to consume more junk food and drink more soda. We are allowed to have as much and kind of things as we want. We are free to do what we want.

Nobody wants to be fat and unhealthy. They know eating those processed things are unhealthy, but they still do. They want to get rid of them, but they cannot.

But why?

Simply because the food manufacturers manipulate us. They create things (I cannot call them foods) which has almost no nutritional value, contain harmful additives and chemicals that force us to eat more of them.

Just think about it!

When you start eating a packet of chips after eating a few pieces, you feel you want more and more. Or the soda! You have one to refresh yourself, but you are still thirsty.

The food companies know how to manipulate our body and mind in order to make more profit. And they do not care about if you are going to be unhealthy. It is all about more money.

And if you think that those low-carb, low-fat and labeled as “natural” foods are healthy, you are credulous. They are highly processed as well, and they contain almost nothing that help you to be healthy. It is just another tactic to make more money.


(Check the presentation below to learn some of the most dangerous toxic ingredients in processed foods.)

The worst is that the media supports this big business. There are tons of series out there showing us ultra-obese people living their daily life.

If we compare them to ourselves, we feel that “Ah, I’m far from that!”. And we keep stuffing ourselves with all those junks without realizing that we have so many extra pounds and because of them we have already had diseases.

They want us to believe that there is no problem with being overweight. That having some extra fat is just normal.

You need to understand that all these companies just want your money, and they do their best to get even more dollars from you.

There is no business in it if you cook your meals made from wholesome ingredients. They do not want you to do that!

It is your choice if you continue stuffing the pockets of those companies, or you start stuffing your stomach with real food.

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Toxic Food Ingredients



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