Why Shouldn’t You Be Overweight? (And What to Do if Your Are)

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What a stupid questions, isn’t it? Everybody knows that being overweight is bad for health. But let me answer this question in details.

In spite of the fact that everyone knows it, most of the people do not care about their weight. Just look around while you walk in the streets. More than half of the people are fat! And this is true not just for the USA.

People who are overweight have many problems during the day as extra weight interferes with being well and healthy. It is a fact that even the simplest daily activities are harder for the overweight people.

Here are some of the problems people typically suffer from during a typical day and what sort of diseases can extra weight can cause.

  • They feel tired and fatigue even if they do not do any serious activities.
  • Because of the extra weight they carry on themselves their mobility is decreased. Even a short walk can make them tired, so they prefer easier ways to move somewhere such as their cars which makes their state even worse.
  • They experience shortness of breath even doing simple activities like cleaning the house.
  • They usually suffer from back, spine, hips and lower limb pain (in the feet, knees, ankles and other joints.)
  • Overweight people have much higher risk of having various cardiovascular diseases such heart problems and high blood pressure.
  • The danger of having diabetes 2 is much higher as well.
  • And because of the uncomfortable life quality these people usually suffer from other mental illnesses such as depression.

And these problems are just the tip of the iceberg!

What causes obesity?

Typically, obesity is the result of eating more than your body needs. You take in more calories than your body burns daily with various activities and maintenance. Since, the foods we usually eat are high in calories and people move less these days, these are the main causes why so many fat people out there.

The other reason can be various health problems such as hormonal imbalances.

How do you know if you are overweight?

Well, in our world it is “natural” to have some extra fat. We like to compare ourselves to obese people and to say “I’m far from that. I’m OK.” But even a little bit of extra fat can make you sick.

The best way to know if you are overweight or not is to check your body mass index (BMI). It is a kind of measure of the body fat based on your weight and height.

If your body mass index is between 18-25, then congratulation your bodyweight is perfect. If you are over 50, up to 28 is still OK.

In case your mass index is between 30 and 40, your are in the obesity group, and you should start making changes as soon as possible. And if you mass index is over 40, then your health is in real danger. You must act now!

Another method to check if your health is in danger, because of your weight, is measuring your waist size. Men with a waist size greater than 102 cm (40 inches) and women with 89 cm (35 inches) have a higher risk of the mentioned health problems.

How can you manage your weight?

Minimum of 30 minutes daily exercise or other intensive physical activities is recommended for each day of the week. It can be walking, jogging, playing sports, etc. The more time you spend daily with these activities, the better.

Pay attention to what you eat. A healthy diet is crucial for losing and keeping your weight. Eat less processed foods, and get rid of those that are high in sugar and fat. Consume more foods such as vegetables and fruits that are lower in calories and rich in vitamins, fiber, and minerals. You should the also pay attention to the servings you have.

To set up your diet, you need to know the number of calories you should take in daily.

Use the following daily calorie calculator to know your calorie intake.

Now you know your daily calorie intake based on your height, weight, age, gender, and activity.

If your body mass index (BMI), the one that you calculated first, is within a healthy range (between 18-25) then you should pay attention to NOT to take in more calories daily to keep that healthy mass index.

In case your body mass index is higher, then you need to lose weight. To lose weight you need to have a calorie deficit. Hence, you should consume fewer calories daily then it is suggested.

Consume 500-1000 calories daily then it is recommended to achieve weight loss healthily. (Although, these numbers must be higher in case your are in the obese or morbid obese groups.) On the other hand, the daily calorie intake must not be less than 1000 calories.

It may take longer to lose weight this way, but it will easier to get used to your new diet and you can achieve long lasting results.

Here is an example.

My friend Peter is 32 years old, 6 feet 1 inch tall, and 235 lbs. So his BMI is 31 which means he is obese, so he has to lose weight.

He is a lightly active guy, so he needs approximately 2950 cal/day. To lose weight, he has to consume fewer than that, about 2000-2400 cal/day.


I hope you know understand why being overweight is bad. And I hope with the help of the tips above you can drop those extra pounds. By changing your daily routine a bit, you are going to be healthier and enjoy your days better. So, do not waste your life, start changing right now.


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