The Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Belly Fat

why-you-cannot-lose-belly-fatOf all the fat deposits in your body, belly fat is one of the most stubborn. No matter what diets to take, how many physical exercises you make, that belly fat clings onto you persistently, driving you insane.

It’s hard not to get disappointed when trying to lose weight and have a fit body, seeing that in the best case scenario you managed to reduce your belly fat, but not make it go away.

So why is it so hard to get rid of it?

Still, if you have just a little belly fat, don’t panic, because a bit of it is actually good, as it protects your stomach and intestines. But, you may want to keep it under control, as it is one of the unhealthiest fat deposits and it is hard to make it disappear, once it got installed.

Because You Don’t Eat Healthy Fats

To your amazement, a reason your belly fat is not leaving is because you completely took fats out of your diet. You see, healthy fats are good to be consumed because your body transforms them into energy. In their lack, your body will just hold on to the fat deposits it made. Thus, add in your diet nuts, about a handful a day, a tablespoon of olive oil or a piece of avocado, about a quarter, with your every meal.



Because of Bad Mood

Also, you should know that stress and depressive states will also make belly fat difficult to manage. When you are feeling down, you are not in the mood for exercising, and you have bad eating habits. So you need to start feeling positive, enjoy your life, do the things you love, and try out meditating. A good mood will make you more ambition, making you want to exercise and eat healthy, for a perfect body.

Because of Eating Junk

If you want to get rid of belly fat, you have to let go of junk food. Sodas, chips, and other sweet treats, they all contain too much sugar. When your body receives such a high dose, it will release a lot of insulin to deal with it, and that favors the appearance of belly fat.

Junk Food Facts That Might Convince You To Eat Healthier


Because You Don’t Have Enough Magnesium

Also, the stubbornness of your belly fat may be a sign that you have low levels of magnesium in the body. Eat bananas, soybeans, dark leafy greens, and other magnesium-rich foods twice a day to replenish the stocks.

Because Of Soda Even Diet Ones

If you think diet soda is good for you, think twice. You may want to eliminate it from your diet, or reduce the number of the calories if you are not ready to let it go.



Because of Having Too Much Fatty Meat

Another good tip would be to reduce fatty meat. Replace it instead with salmon or trout, once a week, and consume chicken and legumes in the rest of the days if you are in the mood for meat.

Because of Alcohol

Do you love beer and other alcoholic beverages? Well, you will have to cut them down if you want to make your belly fat gone.

Because You Don’t Have Enough Colored Foods

Also, add more colored foods to your diet, meaning veggies and fruits, because the ones that are yellow, red and orange are packed with vitamins and reduce your waistline.

Because Your Workout is Not Efficient

And when you work out, don’t just pretend. Increase the pace and start sweating, because the presence of that belly fat is showing that you didn’t sweat until now. If you want to burn fat, you will actually have to feel that, by putting your body to work.

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  1. I don’t know how many years I’ve been trying to get rid of the fat on my tummy. I found your tips useful. Thank you.

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