Is Your Diet a Failure? Check Out Why

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Your diet can fail on a lot of things. If you want to lose weight, you should pay attention to what, when and how much you eat during the day, 24/7.

However, who has the energy to focus on every little thing every day? I think, nobody.

At the same time, the failure of your diet is regularly in tiny details. Below you can read about five trivial diet saboteurs.

You Do Not Make Difference Between Fats


A lot of people still do not know what the good and bad fats are. Our bodies need fatty acids, but it is important in which forms we take them in.

You should avoid saturated and trans fatty acids. On the other hand, your body needs unsaturated and omega-3 fatty acids.

If you fry, use olive oil, but do not over do it since it is high in calories. Do not have more that 3-4 spoonful of olive oil per a day.

Consume more sea fish, nuts and avocado since they are rich in those natural fatty acids that the body can break up easily.


If you fry meat be careful not to soak it with oil. Instead, use oil spray or use a brush to put a little oil on the surface. Then, fry it quickly to get a crunchy skin. Then, roast it with a little water. This way, the meat will not suck itself with oils, and it will be soft.

Also, for your body, it is easier to break up natural fats. So, instead of using margarine, that is usually full of artificial trans fats, use butter. Even if butter is rich in saturated fat, it is still healthier.

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You Like Getting More for Your Money


Has it ever happened to you to that you went to a restaurant, and you bought a bigger portion just because it cost the same or a little bit more? Also, we like the “buy one get two” discounts and when we get 10-30% more for the same price.

The problem is that, for the same price we got food that contains far more calories as if we had bought an average portion.

That means, you spend the same amount of money, but you will take in more calories for sure, as you will hardly stop at the half of the packet or cup.


If you desire to lose weight, it is worth avoiding the restaurants. In the restaurant, the temptation is big to try everything. And we usually have a much larger portion as if we prepared the meal at home.

Consequently, cook your meals and use your palm for the measurements. Your meal should be like this. One palmful protein such lean meat, low-fat cheese, fish or eggs. One palmful of salad or veggies. And one palmful of good carbs such as brown rice, or brown pasta.


You Are Addicted to Soft Drinks and Juices


Most of us have juice and soft drinks all day long. We cannot believe that juices are calorie bombs even if they are 100% from natural sources without artificial ingredients and sugar.

There is no question that they hold far more calories than a cup of sugar-free tea or a glass of water.

These are the hidden calories that do not let us get the weight we desire.


Instead of juices, drink water. Flavor it with lemon, mint or fruits. Or have tea without sugar.

And if you cannot live without juices, take the trouble to make your juices. That is going to be a real 100% and natural juice. Just get a good juicer.

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Is the Hunger Real? What Is the Limit When We Eat?


In most of the cases, the feeling of hunger is not real. Instead, you are thirsty. And that is especially true if you are on a diet.

Also, we eat more than we need, because we cannot realize when our stomach is full. It is particularly the case for those people who eat fast.


Before eating something, have a deep breath and have a glass of water. Then, estimate the level of your hunger on a 1-7 scale. If your rate is under 5, then drink something instead of eating.

Also, when you eat estimate how full you are on that 1-7 list. Never reach the level 7, until your feel yourself like a stuffed sack. Your body needs at least 20 minutes to have the feeling of fullness.

Pay attention to your eating habits. Eat slowly chewing all the bits thoroughly. After every swallow, put down the cutlery. This way you will feel better when you are satisfied.


You Eat Processed and Half Foods


Most of us go home from work late in the evening having no time and energy to cook something. That is the time when we get half-made food from the freezer. Half-fried meats, sauces, and packaged soups land on the table.

The huge problem is that these foods are packed with tons of unnecessary sugar, salt, trans fats, and preservatives. And who knows what else.

Even if you have the half-made meat with salad, or add brown pasta to a sauce, your dinner is not going to be healthy and not support your weight loss for sure.


If you know, you have no time to cook during the weekdays, prepare your meals on weekends and freeze them. It does not take any effort to defrost, and heat them.

Have a good omelet with salad. It is easy to make and healthy.

Making a sandwich is not a bad option either. Of course, use whole grain bread, lean meat, low-fat cheese and a lot of veggies.



Losing weight is not easy, but if you pay attention to the tips above, you can make your life easier. Everything is about habits. Your bad habits that are responsible for your extra weight, but by replacing them with good ones you can drop those pounds.

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