Bored With the Gym? Strengthen Your Body in the Nature!

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wilderness workout

For most of the people, building muscle is equal to going to the gym. Or at least using some sort of equipment. However, there are so many other opportunities to train your body. A good example is calisthenics that does not require so much equipment.

But have you ever tried working out in nature? And I’m not talking about running in the forest but for example lifting weights. There are so many opportunities out there.

Just watch the following motivational video and learn 20 exercises that can be done in the wilderness.


Why working out in nature is good?

  • Obviously, you are in the fresh air. It is much better than breathing the body odor of other people, isn’t it?
  • Spiritually it is also a better place than a gym. You can listen to the beautiful sounds of the wilderness. You can have a feeling as if you were in a situation when you had to do you best to get out of nature. You can also get rid of stress.
  • Have you ever tried to lift a stone? It is much harder than grabbing a barbell or dumbbell. Because of the shape of the rock, you need more power to handle it making the exercises more difficult to perform. With that more muscles are engaged and strengthened in entirely different ways than using the equipment. Lifting stones is especially beneficial for improving your grip strength.
  • The same goes for the bodyweight exercises. Making pull ups and chin ups are much harder needing more power. While a bar is comfortable to use, a branch of a tree is not perfect. Hence, you will require more power to grip it and to control the motion.
  • Going to the same gym month after month is a dull routine for most of us. Working out in nature is a great way to add some variety to your training.
  • Finally, it is a “natural” way to exercise that leads to power that you can use in everyday life. I mean, in life we do no usually lift things that are easy to grab and handle. Lifting stones will help you to get the strength that you can use for lifting anything.


Of course, there is no need to work out all the time in the wilderness, unless you do not have other possibilities. However, it is an excellent way to add variety to your workout program and to strengthen your body in unusual ways. If you can, go out and try it and you will feel the difference for sure.

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