What You Need to Wear for Outdoor Winter Workouts

Winter is here, but that does not mean, we should stop working out outside even if it is cold. I love running and doing bodyweight exercises outside since it is more challenging, and I like breathing that cold fresh air.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is to wear the right winter workout gear. If you carry the right type of clothes, you can have safe and enjoyable training even on the coldest days.

The following infographic is an excellent guide how to dress up for winter workouts.

Credit: www.skymetweather.com

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3 thoughts

  1. This post was helpful for me since I live in Ohio. I always slowed down my exercising during the winter for fear of exercising outside. I’m not a winter person, but I think now that I know the proper clothing to wear I wil give it a shot!

    • I thought the same, but now I love working out outdoor even if it is cold.

  2. Thanks for this guide. I love running but I don’t run usually on cold days as I’m afraid of getting cold.

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