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WOD Toys – Best Youth Fitness Equipment

    You know, since I have a home gym my kids see me day by day lifting weights and doing various bodyweight exercises. And, I’m pleased when my 4-year old daughter and 6-years old son “work out” with me. We do squats, knee push-ups (my son can make almost 10 perfect regular ones) and they always climb my outdoor workout station.

    I’m very proud when parents and educators notice how well my kids climb the bars on the playground and how strong they are. They have no problem during the physical education lessons at all.

    I hope the loving of working out goes so deep in their mind that they continue when they become adults. I believe, teaching kids to care about their body should start at the early ages.

    As, I mentioned before we do mostly bodyweight training, but recently my kids want to lift weights as well. Evidently, the Olympic bar and the dumbbells I use are too heavy for them, so I decided to buy them a youth weight set.

    That is how I bumped into WOD Toys, a manufacturer who makes safe kid-size exercise equipment such as kettlebells, a barbell with bumper plates, dumbbells, fitness balls, etc.


    These things are made from such materials that are safe for kids to use. They meet all CPSC toy safety standards. They are light, but still provides a safe resistance for kids to lift.

    Of course, using these stuff is not about serious weightlifting, but they motivate my kids to follow their dad since they can use the same equipment.

    Below I will show you what I think are the most useful ones.

    Best WOD Toys

    1. Mini Medicine Ball

    Med Ball Mini

    The med ball is a very versatile gear that we can use for both strength and cardio training. And, for kids it is a fun way to exercise.

    Kids can squat with it, lift them up and down, or practice the med ball throws that develops their entire body, coordination, and balance. The number of activities is endless.

    Check out an example workout below. ( I love those children how seriously they are training.)


    This particular ball weighs 1 pound which provides an optimal resistance for kids. It is 8 inches in diameter so they can handle them comfortably. The ball is made from the same durable and safe materials like a real one, but more colorful.

    You can check out the reviews and buy here.


    2. Toy barbell and weights

    mini barbell

    Toy weight lifting set

    Well, this is the equipment that my kids love the most. They always watch me astonished when I do bench press, squat, clean, biceps curls or other presses with my bar. And, now they can do the same.

    The length of this small barbell is 3 feet (about 90 cm) which is not too long nor too short. The junior weight set comes with 4 bumper plates and 2 collars making the set 2.2 pound heavy. However, we can buy additional 0.5 lb plates in various colors.

    This toy weight set is excellent to mimic working out, and they may learn the basic exercises with bar.

    Check price and get more details here.


    3. Plyo box

    WOD Toys Plyo Box Mini

    Plyometric exercises are one of the most beneficial moves for adults, and the same is true for kids. The most straightforward plyo movement is jumping that develops stronger bones and muscles, coordination, lymphatic system, core muscles and cardiovascular system. And, it is fun. Kids love jumping.

    This youth fitness equipment is perfect for jumping. It is 5.5 inches tall and 14.5 inches long and wide. The top is covered with soft rubber and the bottom with non-slip rubber. So, you do not have to worry about slipping.

    Get more details here and parents’reviews.


    To sum up

    These are the best WOD toys I recommend to buy, but you can find toy dumbbells and kettlebells here as well. Even if your children spend a few hours weekly with mimicking you or just practicing alone, it is much better as if they were sitting in front of the TV or playing with a rubbish video game.


    James Wright

    James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.

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