The web is full of powerful workouts. I usually bump into really good ones, so I decided to make a "Workout of the Day" section where I share a new training almost every day. I set up categories that help you to browse among the various routines quickly.

45-Minute Intense Cardio Workout From Kit Rich
Burn a lot of calories and tone your entire body with this intense cardio workout from Kit Rich. You do not need any equipment at all.
Low Impact Walking Abs Workout You Can Do At Home
Don't you like those abs exercises on the floor? Then try this quick walking core workout.
20 Minute HIIT Workout in Your Hotel Room
A full body 20 minute HIIT workout to do in your hotel room.
Get Rid of 1000 Calories – HIIT, Kickboxing, Abs and Strength Combo Routine
Try this kickboxing, strength, HIIT cardio and abs combo workout and burn about 1000 calories.
Can You Complete This 1K Reps Abs Workout?
Do you need a really challenging abdominal workout? Try this 1000 repetition routine!
Bodyweight Hybrid Workout for Fighters
Try this bodyweight workout for fighters that develop both strength and endurance.
Push-Up Workout For Women
A medium difficult women's push-ups workout to strengthen and tone your entire upper body with any equipment.
Let’s Workout Together
Try this full body workout that you can do with your friend or spouse.
The Office Chair Abdominal Workout
Have a complete ab workout in 5 minutes using your office chair. This routine strengthen and tone your entire core really efficiently.
40-min Low Impact Cardio Workout
Do you need a cardio workout for when you feel tired but still want to burn a few hundred calories? Try this low-impact routine that is not so though but still efficient.
15-min Metabolism Boosting Workout
A quick HIIT workout that helps to increase your metabolism that helps to burn calories even after finishing the routine.
Quick Fat Burning Jump Roping Workout
A quick jump rope workout to burn calories, develop your endurance and coordination.
10 Minutes Abs Workout
An intensive 10 minute abdominal workout to strengthen and tone your entire core at home with the help of the most efficient exercises.
15 Min At Home Butt and Abs Workout
A 15-minute abs and butt toning workout with ankle weights.
1000 Calorie Workout
An ultra hard workout to burn approx. 1000 calories, strengthen and tone all body parts, and to develop endurance.
Quick Calorie Burner
A quick 5 minute cardio workout to burn 100 calories and strengthen all mayor muscle groups.

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