I'm not the fan of long-lasting abdominal workouts since even a 10-minute training 3-4 times a week can be enough to sculpture the abs, but sometimes we need to challenge ourselves.

Getting flat stomach mainly depends on your eating habit. You can do workouts as many times a week as you want and for a long time, you will hardly see results if you do not pay attention to your diet. And we must not forget about about cardio as well.

Do you want to know how to lose belly fat efficiently? Here you can learn it!

The 1000 repetition abs challenge is great for those who are familiar with regular training and want to see how tough they are. The routine was made by Cassey Ho from that presents different workouts for girls, but this one is suitable for guys as well. Believe me, I have tried.

It lasts for about 30 minutes with warming up and stretching. You need to do 10 types of abdominal exercises, 100 reps each. It is not going to be an easy training, but that is what a challenge is about.

What sorts of exercises are included?

Mostly different crunches and leg raises, or the combinations of these.

With the help of these movements, you will be able to strengthen and tone all the core muscles. And since the number of repetitions is so high, it will surely help to burn belly fat.

However, I would include other types of moves instead of crunches such as mountain climbers, burpees or standing ab exercises. You know, I'm not the biggest enthusiast of crunches.

How often should you do it?

Since it is a challenge, you should not do it frequently. Once a week or a month is enough.

If you have tried this 1000 repetition abdominal workout, please tell us how it worked for you.

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