Sometimes after a hard workout the next day I'm a lack of motivation and power to have another though training. However, I want to burn some more fat and keep going on.

​If that is the case, I usually do a low-impact cardio workout with moves that are not so tiring but still help to burn a few hundred calories.

​The workout above is a good example. It is not so hard but still boosts your heart rate and works the entire body in a mild way.

​With the help of it, you can burn about 200-400 calories depending on your intensity and weight. That is not bad for a "rest" day.

​On the other hand, if you have just started working out regularly, and your fitness level is not so good yet, it is a perfect cardio routine for you.

​This a Tabata style workout that includes 30 bodyweight exercises. You need to do the moves for 45 seconds, and then you have 15 seconds rest between each exercise.

​It starts with a 3 minutes stretching and warming up that is crucial, do not neglect it. Then, it continues with a 30 minutes low impact part, and it finishes with a 5-minute workout. So, the entire training is about 40 minutes.

​You do not need any equipment, just a Tabata timer.

​Keep the intensity as much as you can but pay attention to do the exercises correctly. This way you will be able to burn more calories.

​And do not forget to drink enough water meanwhile.




If you are a newcomer, do this routine 2-3 times a week besides strength training to burn fat and develop your cardiovascular system.

Although, this a low-impact method is beneficial for everyone.

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