Working out together is not only fun but has several other benefits.

A positive effect is that you will have more efficient workouts. Why? Even if you are best friends, there is a sort of healthy competition between you. This way you will make more exercises, increase the speed or challenge yourself to show that your are better. There is no problem with friendly competition, both of you will enjoy the benefits.

In addition, studies have proved that those who start a diet or set up other fitness goals together are more likely to reach their aims. It is mainly because you can motivate each other when you want to give up or postpone training.

Finally, but not lastly you will have a better relationship with your partner.

​Me and my wife usually train together, especially on those days when we do cardio since she does more calorie burning workouts. However, sometimes she joins me when I do strength training. That really motivates me since I would like to show how strong I am. 🙂

​The workout presented by the ladies above is a good example how to train together. They do several exercises that can be only done by the help of another person. Hence, you can strengthen and tone your muscles a bit differently which is always good.

It is full body workout, and it takes about 10 minutes but do not think it is going to be easy. They do compound moves that work several muscles at once and really tiring.

​The video was made particularly for women who have same basic strength. If you are on a higher fitness level, you can do the circuit twice, three or even four times.

I hope you will enjoy this workout, and you will have a great fun with your friend or spouse.

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