5 Ways to Work Out with Your Dog


Do you like working out? I’m sure your four-legged friend loves exercising even more. Your dog can be your best workout partner.

I have never seen a dog in my life complaining about running too much. Or one that stops moving forward because of being tired. Do you want a better workout buddy than that? Your dog can be more motivational than all those inspirational quotes altogether.

Anyway, I’m not alone with my opinion. Research has proved that dog owners are 34% more likely to stand up and get the weekly dose of exercise than the ones without it.

What kind of workouts can you do with your dog? Well, walking and running are obvious, but there are several other ways you can train together. Here are the best 5 activities.
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Did you know that many doctors believe that the most beneficial way to exercise is walking? Yes, seems to be too easy, but walking is a perfect activity to keep your body and mind healthy. And if you switch to breast walking, you can burn a lot of calories.

Doctors also suggest having about 10000 steps each day. Does it seem to be too many? Do not worry. That means about 45-60 minutes. And if you walk with your dog, that time will fly. Plus your four-legged friend will undoubtedly makes you walking faster.



Many years ago, I had a German Shepard (RIP Hercules :(), and we used to run together 3-4 times a week. That was the time when I could run over 8 miles. He motivated me so much to keep moving forward that in a few months I became one of the best runners in school.

Believe me! There is no better trainer for running than your dog. It never stops, no matter if you are on uphill or downhill, and makes your training far more enjoyable. You will do not need running music anymore.

How to run with your dog? Here is a video in which you can get some useful tips.



Stair Climbing

If you live in a city, a stair climbing is an excellent workout to boost your endurance and develop your cardiovascular system. Although, it is a pretty hard activity, isn’t it. That is where your dog comes in. You will not get bored with it, and it will help in case you need a little bit of help with the last steps.

Skiing or Snowshoeing Together

On those cold and snowy winter days, most of us prefer to stay indoors doing nothing. Big mistake! Being cold outside does not mean you should not do anything. Go out and walk together, or do cross-country skiing. Dogs like being in the snow like kids.

You just need pay attention to pick the right type of winter clothes for yourself, and for your dog, you can get dog boots.


If you have a super active dog who wants to move all the time, give it what it wants. Also, there are excellent tools you can use to ride your bike with your dog safely.


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Everything depends on your creativity. Your dog loves you, so it will follow you no matter what you do. For example, my friend’s kids play football with their dogs about 30 minutes each day. I have seen youngsters rollerblading with their dog.

No matter what you do together, your dog will be your best workout buddy for sure.

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