8 Workout Tips for Beginners


If you have just begun training or you would like to start then here are some workout tips for beginners. Working out regularly is not just about building muscles or losing weight, but changing your whole life. If you have started, you are on the right way for a better life!

I started doing workouts several years ago, and I did many things badly at the beginning. Here are my tips about what you should pay attention to.

Pick Workouts that You Enjoy

No matter what sort of workout you start doing, it is essential that you should enjoy it. If you do not like something, sooner or later you get rid of it, aren’t you?

When I was younger, I wanted to get big and toned muscles. So, I began doing bodybuilding. I did it for 2-3 years. I had some real results, but generally I did not enjoy it. However, I still wanted that attractive body. What did I do? I tried other sort of workouts. At last, I turned to calisthenics (bodyweight exercises). I have been doing it for 6-7 months now and I see better outcomes than ever before. What is most important, I love it!

Decide what you want, then try different trainings and pick the one that you truly enjoy.

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Consult with Your Doctor

I strongly recommend consulting with your doctor before starting any kinds of workout routine, mainly if you have an illness. Do not risk your health in no way. If your doctor does not suggest to start that workout routine, do not do it. Find another which is suitable for you. You want to be fit and healthy, don’t you?

Get Quality Shoes

The most important clothing, no matter what you do, are your shoes. Get a quality pair of shoes, which you are suitable for your workouts. If you want to run and do intensive cardio get a pair of quality running shoes, as well. There are special shoes for lifting weights as well.

Rome Wasn’t Built in Day

One of the biggest mistakes of beginners they do not start gradually. They jump into workouts and sooner or later they suffer from injuries. Your body needs time to get used to your new lifestyle. Start slow, and increase the sets, repetitions and number sessions little by little.


Try Various Exercises

If you already have a workout plan then it contains several exercises. If you feel that an exercise does not help you to develop, or maybe uncomfortable for you, try others. There is always an alternative.

Get rid of the ones for a short time that do not help and replace them with others. In the future when you will be on a higher level, you can start doing them again.

Listen to your Body

Do you have back pain after exercises? Is it hard to breath? Do you have pain in your body parts? Pay attention to you body! Pain in your jointslisten-body and muscles may mean that your have some sort of injury or strain, but it is may be because they are not strong enough yet.

There are a few exercises which put you into an unnatural position or force you to make abnormal movements. Get rid of those for a little time.

You should know your limits. Over-training has various negative effects on your body. Besides, it influences you mind and may cause failure.

Increase Your Flexibility

Another serious mistake that beginners commit they do not spend time on stretching after and before workouts. Developing your flexibility is critical to avoid injuries and also beneficial for muscle and strength growth.

Do stretching exercises for 5-10 minutes after and before your workout routine.

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Take Time to Calm Down

If you are over your routine and you did your best, take time to calm down. Take deep breaths, think about what you have done well or maybe wrong. Be proud of yourself that you did it!

Here is an example how to finish your sessions.


If you want to learn how to workout efficiently , I recommend the following book.



I’m a beginner. How to start bodybuilding?

The rule for beginners is that you should learn how to perform the most important exercises correctly and you need to get used to working out. Hence, you do not need to overdo your workouts since your body is not used to hard trainings yet. It is enough to workout 3 times a week for 1-2 months.

You need to do the basic compound exercises such as bench press, squat and dead lift and you should perform full body workouts on each days.

Here you can find many bodybuilding beginner plans.

Here is some more advice from Tony Horton.


Integrating workouts into your daily routine is not easy, mainly if you have not done any sports before. But it is worth! I hope these workout tips for beginners will help you to get start.

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