This the main category where you can find workouts and exercises based on muscle groups. You can also find complete routines and tips for more efficient training. No matter if you are beginner or you are used to hard workouts, you can find useful stuff here. And not just for guys, but girls, too.

Chest Workouts

Find the best routines, exercises and tips to build bigger and stronger chest. Learn how to work your lower and upper chest efficiently using various equipment and methods.

Arm Workouts

In this section, you can find tips and workouts to work your arm muscles such as your biceps, triceps and forearm. You can find movements and routines which work the muscles individually as well as ones for the entire arm.

Leg Workouts

Leg workouts are not only important to strengthen and tone your leg muscles, but they have positive effects on the entire body. Neglecting leg training is a huge mistake. In this section you can find several routines, tips and exercises.

Shoulder Workouts

If you want to build wide and strong shoulders this is the category you should check out. You can find several sorts of workouts and exercises to strengthen and tone your shoulder muscles.

Abs & Core

Getting six pack abs is not only about doing ab workouts, but mainly about what you eat in order to get rid of the fat covering your stomach. In this category you can find various core workouts, exercises as well as tips to reach that great looking tummy.


This section is dedicated for calisthenics and bodyweight workouts. Don’t you like using weights or going to the gym? Then, this is the place for you. Powerful exercises your can do almost everywhere.

Cardio & Fat Burning

Want to burn fat and improve your cardiovascular system in this category you can find various types of workouts and exercises which help you to achieve both

Workout Tips

Within this category you can find useful tips and suggestions which help you to train more efficiently. You can also find advice about how to avoid injuries and improve your strength and endurance.