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There is no question that yoga is one of the most popular types of exercises these days. More and more people start this activity that helps to keep your whole body and mind healthy and fit. The problem that beginners usually face is to pick the right type of yoga since there are many versions out there. Anyway, no matter which you start you will only benefit from it, but there are yoga programs that especially support long-lasting weight loss.

If you have ever checked out tips on how to lose weight effectively by exercising I’m sure most of the suggestions were about running, Crossfit and other hard full body workouts.

Of course, they work, but they are not suitable for all women. Not everyone likes hard workouts that are too strenuous for them. And even if they start, sooner or later they stop it simply because they don’t like it.

Zoe Bray-Cotton Yoga Instructor

Zoe Bray-Cotton created her unique Yoga Burn Challenge for these women. She is a professional yoga instructor who knows how to train yoga for weight loss without hard exercises.

Yoga is a low-impact workout that anyone can follow without any fitness background. Since it is a smooth way of exercising it is suitable for women at any age as well. So, if you want to burn fat mildly, you should try yoga for sure.

Zoe’s Yoga Burn Challenge program has been designed to get the maximum from each workout. It includes 3 phases, and each phase has 3 different low impact resistance training. That means you get nine 15-minute long instructional videos.

But, you should watch the same video for three times in a session, so each full body yoga workout lasts for about 45 minutes. Hence, they are not longer than a typical cardio workout.

These workouts are so effective that doing them three times a week is enough to get good results. I think that is not that much and anyone can fit them into her daily routine even if she is busy.

Now you know a little bit about this weight loss program, but let’s see its pros and cons to find out if Yoga Burn is for you or not.

Why We Like Yoga Burn Challenge?

  • The yoga poses that are included in the program are not difficult to perform. Also, they not stressful for your body. You can quickly learn them even if you have not made similar moves before.
  • The workouts in the gym or fitness class make you tired and increase the cortisol level in your body. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is indirectly responsible for weight gain. Of course, you don’t want that. The Yoga Burn workouts are relaxing but still very efficient to burn calories gently.
  • Ladies and men require different approaches to losing weight because of the difference between the female and men physiologies. This workout focuses on women, so only the most suitable movements are added.
  • A usual problem with yoga DVDs is that they assume that you already know the yoga moves and you can perform them correctly. In Zoe Bray’s program, you can learn all the poses step-by-step so you will know what you should pay attention to. Moreover, the first phase, called the “Foundational Flow” is all about the basics.
  • The second phase is called the “Transitional flow” from which you will learn how to move from one pose to the next correctly. You will learn the right techniques to maximize the precision.
  • The third phase is “Mastery flow” phase. It is the section where you will do workouts that boost your metabolism leading to guaranteed weight loss.
  • Exercising does not need much time, and they are easy to follow. It does not matter if you have not done yoga before, you can follow this program.
  • The Yoga Burn comes with two extra bonuses for free. These are audio classes so you can train wherever you want. Also, you will get the ‘Tranquility Flow’ sequence.
  • It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so if you do not find this course useful for some reason, you will get your money back.
  • Compared to memberships of tradition yoga classes, it is much cheaper. Also, you can save a lot of time, since you can do the program at home. The cost of the program is $37 with bonuses.

What We Don’t Like

  • Do not forget Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge is a digital product, so you will need an internet connection to get access to the workout videos and download them. But, there is no shipping fee. On the other hand, for a little extra cost, you can purchase the complete DVD set (physical collection).
  • It is important to mention that just by doing yoga, you cannot lose weight efficiently. If you still have unhealthy and calorie rich foods daily, you will not see results. However, with the help a healthy diet and with this course, you can achieve long-lasting weight loss results in a healthy way.

Example Exercise Videos

Here are few example practices for low impact resistance training. Check out more exercises here.

Should you buy the Yoga Burn Challenge?

Well, if you are a woman who is interested in total body yoga, and willing to spend a few hours every week with mild training, this program is for you. It is a 3-month program (12 weeks schedule), so it is long enough to shape your body.

It is not an unhealthy fad diet or other “yoga secrets” that are not backed up experts that bringing you only short results and maybe bad for your health.

Compared to other generic yoga classes this program is mainly made for losing weight by an expert yoga instructor, so you are in safe hands. Plus, it is not a problem if you are a total beginner. So, try Yoga Burn and tell us how it works for you.


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