Yoga for Fat Loss – Best Workouts & Exercises for Weight Loss

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yoga for fat loss

How can yoga help lose weight?

For most of us burning calories means long lasting and tiring cardio workouts, but did you know that yoga for fat loss can be efficient as well?

There are several yoga exercises that not only help to relax, strengthen and tone your muscles but also support losing weight. And if these efficient moves are put together into a workout, we get a perfect routine that we can do at home.

Anyway, the most important factor of losing weight is changing your eating habits. You should get rid of those processed foods and drinks that have almost no nutritional value. You should turn to wholesome, healthy foods in order to get the right type and amount of nutrients and to decrease the amount calories you take in daily. It is all about a healthy lifestyle.

The other factor is regularly moving. Not everybody likes lifting weight or running; there is not any problem with that. For them, yoga workouts can be an excellent choice.

Several studies have proved that it has many benefits both on mental and physical health. Even fighters use this technique to develop strength and build lean muscle mass.

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What are the benefits of fat burning yoga?

  • Does yoga burn fat? During the yoga poses for weight loss you use your bodyweight. This way several muscles work together which leads to increased heart rate and calorie burn. These sorts of compound exercises build strength and develop your cardiovascular system.
  • In addition, yoga movements help to develop your balance and coordination. Several muscles are engaged in order to keep your balance. It is especially beneficial for spine and lower back health
  • Another benefit is that it increases your flexibility that does good for your muscles and joints because of the stretches.
  • Finally, these types of movements are natural ones that do not put stress on your joints.

Consequently, it is a perfect type of training both for those who want to burn fat, increase strength and endurance. It is a real all in one solution that is usually underrated.

Below I have collected the best fat burning yoga workouts and poses I found on the web. You can find fat loss yoga for beginners as well as harder ones for those who have better fitness level.

Yoga workouts for weight loss

1. Morning Yoga for Fat Loss

I start my list with this routine because this is what I sometimes do in the morning. Having early workouts have several benefits not just helps to boost your metabolism, which contributes to more efficient calorie burn but also helps to start your day fresher and more energetic.


2. 40 Minute Fat Torching Workout

If you want to burn more calories mildly at once, this workout is for you. On top of that, in this routine several fat burning yoga poses are included that focus on burning belly fat and to develop abs and core muscles. Hence, it helps to flatten your stomach.


3. 20 Minute Yoga Routine for Weight Loss

What makes this video standing out from the others is that, besides the efficient movements you can learn the Core Breath Technique that boosts calorie burning. You will learn how to take breaths and exhale properly that leads to faster fat burning.


4. Best Yoga Asanas For Losing Weight Quickly

Within this useful post, you can learn several asanas that are especially beneficial for fat loss. You can learn how to perform these correctly in order to get the best results and how they help. In the presentation below you can see some or check the post here.

fat burning yoga for reduce belly fat

Best yoga poses for weight loss


5. Fat Burning Sequence

Do this sequence 10 times by holding the position for a few breath.

yoga workout for beginners weight loss

Yoga for full body weight loss

6. 30 Minute Yoga Meltdown

This workout is presented by Jillian Michaels. You will start with easier, warming up moves and poses then you will continue with more intensive yoga exercises for weight loss. This routine is great for improving core strength as well.


7. Love Yoga Flow

This is an excellent vinyasa flow practice to lengthen and strengthen your body.


8. Yoga Weight Loss Challenge!



Yoga for weight loss is sometimes an underestimated type of training but if you try any of these workouts above, you will feel that it works. With proper diet and regular yoga training, you can lose weight faster than you think.


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Did you know that yoga is an efficient training for fat loss? Discover the best exercises and workouts that help you to lose weight and keep your body and mind healthy.
Did you know that yoga is an efficient training for fat loss? Discover the best exercises and workouts that help you to lose weight and keep your body and mind healthy.

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