The Best 20 Zero Calorie Foods to Slim Down

best-zero-calorie-foodsWhen I first heard the phrase zero calorie foods, I thought it is too good to be true. And after researching the topic a little bit, I realized that there is no such thing. Simply, because not matter what you eat, they have calories.

However, when you eat them, they have such effects on your body that you burn more calories than you consume. It is the so-called negative caloric effect.

The best negative calorie foods are the various vegetables and fruits. Not just because they help to lose weight, but because they are nutritious. They are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and other components that make you healthy. That is why they must be the largest part of your diet.

Reasons why you should consume zero calorie foods

  • They have positive effects on your mental health. They help to reduce stress, depression, etc. And they contribute to focus better.
  • They reduce the cholesterol level of your body naturally.
  • The components of these foods regulate the sugar level in your blood.
  • They have detoxification effects. They cleanse your liver, the organ that is responsible for getting rid of toxins and breaking up fat. So, they support fat loss as well.
  • They are rich in fiber that helps colon cleanse. Because of the fiber, you also feel satisfied faster and longer, so you will eat less food. As a result, you lose weight and have better digestion.
  • Negative calorie foods, because of their valuable components, make your hair, skin and nails beautiful and healthy.
  • They naturally boost your metabolism which is one of the most important factors of burning more calories naturally.
  • If you consume these foods, your circulation system will be better as well.
  • They regulate your appetite and assist to get rid of the extra water from your body.
  • They also reduce the risk of cancer.

What a long list of benefits, isn’t? As you see, foods with zero calories are the magic of nature, and they must be on your plate.

The following zero calorie food list infographic will teach you everything you need to know about them.




Let’s recap what you have learned about low calorie foods

So, the best sources are the fruits and vegetables, because they are low in calories, and they are full of beneficial nutrients. Some of the best greens are the cucumber, broccoli, celery, cabbage, beetroot, asparagus, tomato and so on. We can make fantastic salads from them or even smoothies.

Fruits have almost the same features. Since they are more delicious than the veggies, it is easier to have them each day. And we can also make yummy homemade juices from them. They are also perfect for snacking. Some fruits with zero calories are the berries, melons, apples, citruses, etc.

Other healthy foods that support burning body fat are the ones that are high in protein but low in unwanted fats such as fish and lean poultry. Plus, the ones that are rich in healthy carbs such as whole wheat products, oat, and brown rice.

I hope that list of zero calorie foods have helped you, and now you will be able to set up your balanced diet to avoid diseases and lose weight. You can find a lot of recipes online to make delicious recipes from them. It is your turn now to change your eating habits.

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